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  • We were watching our kids play in the children’s play area at Stonebriar Mall when someone approached us from neighboring photography studio and asked if our kids could come in so they could practice taking pictures and we’ll get a free large photograph.  WifeGeeding was initially suspicious, perhaps watching one too many Lifetime movies, thinking this was a plan to kidnap the kids by having one person divert our attention while someone snatches them, so she never took her one functioning eye off our kids.  But we let our kids finish playing and took them over and the kids had a blast posing for pictures and there was so sales push on us whatsoever.  You can see their pictures here if you are interested.
  • Either late August or early September I stopped shaving and haven’t even trimmed my beard until yesterday.  It wasn’t much of a trim, more like a tidy-up.
  • Jimmy Fallon’s first musical guest on his ‘Tonight Show’ will be U2, so the new album has to be around the corner.  Leno tells Fallon that he needs to make his monologue longer but I think that’s bad advice as Fallon isn’t that great at the monologue, he should focus on his strengths.
  • So the two states that legalize marijuana now have their teams playing in the Super Bowl, I’m sure there’s a direct correlation.
  • I’m not sure why CBS thought it was so important to have Peyton Manning’s voice boom through my speakers and totally ignore Tom Brady’s.  Related: Peyton Manning’s foundation for at-risk youth will receive a $24,800 donation for all the times he shouted “Omaha!” during the AFC championship game Sunday.
  • I checked the channel guide during the AFC Championship game just to see what ABC and NBC were putting up against the male demographic.  Well, they were certainly shooting for the female demographic with a repeat of ‘The Bachelor’ and figure skating.
  • The Arnold Schwarzenegger ping pong commercials where he’s dressed up as Jimmy Conners looks like they will be great.
  • Dressing up as Jim Harbaugh seemed to be popular yesterday.
  • I like Marshawn Lynch’s bit of just shaking hands with teammates after scoring a touchdown.
  • When you look at the Super Bowl history section on you’ll notice only one Super Bowl will list a region instead of a city, that would be the one held in our neck of the woods.  If I remember correctly, when Jerry bid for the Super Bowl he wanted to make it a regional thing and not a Dallas thing as he was still a bit bitter at the City of Dallas for not being more aggressive in luring the new stadium.
  • I say it every year, but I can’t stand how the AFC and NFC trophies have changed.  The new trophies look like cheap chrome.  Here’s a comparison.
  • Seattle doesn’t seem as disciplined or talented as Denver, so give me Denver 34-23.  And I hope New York has a blizzard for the Super Bowl.
  • There’s a chance NFL Thursday night football games could be aired on one of the major networks or even one of the Turner stations.  I don’t like my NFL on Thursday unless it’s the fourth Thursday in November.
  • Since Mack Brown stopped coaching he’s been tweeting about football games he’s watching and it’s actually a bit interesting and slightly entertaining.
  • The Metrodome final deflation – YouTube
  • Martha Raddatz’s window seat didn’t have a window.
  • Former MTV Teen Mom who ‘leaked’ her sex tape is writing an erotic novel and then a Christian parenting book.
  • I can’t explain it, but I feel like the 12th Man at Texas A&M is corny but the 12th Man the Seattle Seahawks use is kinda cool.  Right now the Seahawks pay A&M $5,000 a year but that contract expires in 2016 and I expect the price to go up considerably.  Funny how A&M let that tradition flounder until Jackie Sherrill decided to make it a big deal.
  • Speaking of Aggie, here’s some artwork humor.
  • I caught a special on the History channel called ‘The Great Wall of Texas‘ and it was actually about Rockwall, Texas and how the town got its name.  It turns out farmers in the area way back when were digging for a well when they found what they thought was a man-made stone wall buried about seven stories deep.  Long story short, it’s just nature toying with us.  But I did crack up when the host of the show asked if a permit was needed to start digging and the landowner said something to the effect, “This is Texas, you can dig where and when you want.”   I guess you can do that when you have all that land, but there’s a plethora of signs in my area always telling me to call to before I dig so I don’t hit a gas or cable line.
  • @Forbes – Abilene, TX leads our list of the 25 best places to retire in 2014:
  • Other than the NFL, there’s nothing I watch on Fox anymore.
  • Crash test of a car from 1959 and 2009 running into each other, we are fortunate cars have been changed with safety in mind.
  • Smithsonian dinosaur hall to close April 28 for five-year renovation
  • Jamaican bobsled team raising money on PayPal to reach Sochi Olympics
  • Amazon says it can ship items before customers order
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Melissa says:

    the pictures are adorable…love boygeeding on the bike and girl geeding laying on her stomach-such a sweet smile.

  2. Stone Cold says:

    "If I remember correctly, when Jerry bid for the Super Bowl he wanted to make it a regional thing and not a Dallas thing as he was still a bit bitter at the City of Dallas for not being more aggressive in luring the new stadium."

    As I recall, one of the biggest complaints of the media during Super Bowl week in Dallas was that events and activities were spread all over the metroplex and that driving and navigating were required to attend anything and in the middle of an ice storm no less.

    "◾Seattle doesn’t seem as disciplined or talented as Denver, so give me Denver 34-23."

    Per ESPN, the Super Bowl will not only feature the number one play-off seeds in both conferences but the number one offense in the NFL against the number one defense in the NFL and the number one offense in scoring versus the number one defense in scoring.

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