It’s Official: Coke and Pepsi are OK for Mormons

SALT LAKE CITY — Maybe now, reporters, bloggers, outsiders and even many Mormons will accept that the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not forbid drinking cola.

On Wednesday (Aug. 29), the LDS church posted a statement on its website saying that “the church does not prohibit the use of caffeine” and that the faith’s health-code reference to “hot drinks” ‘’does not go beyond (tea and coffee).”

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2 Responses to It’s Official: Coke and Pepsi are OK for Mormons

  1. RPM says:

    So iced tea is allowed? I predict Red Bull and Snapple sales will skyrocket in Utah.

  2. Paul says:

    I worked at a restaurant during grad school that was themed around everyone's favorite weekday (lots of buttons on my suspenders). Anyway, a group of mormon teens came in and would only drink lemonade. I think it's a little revisionist of them to change what they believe.

    If soft drinks are bad, keep at it. With a lot of states saying that they should be outlawed for kids, they could have claimed that the book of Mormon (or whichever of their other books like the Pearl of Great Price or whatever) was ahead of its time.

    Let us not speak of underwear or the church's stance on minorities. 😉

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