Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding and the kids were at the in-laws this weekend and while they were gone, I thought I’d surprise them with new carpet when they got home.  The new carpet is almost identical to the original, so I was wondering to see how long it would take WifeGeeding to notice once she got home.  I took pictures of how items were arranged on the shelves on our entertainment furniture and used masking tape to place how far back they were placed and did my best to make sure everything was just the same when she got home, sans carpet.  Well, all that trouble for her to guess within 20 minutes of being home.
  • It’s the day after Labor Day which means you won’t be seeing WifeGeeding wearing white.  She’s a stickler for those kind of things.
  • In the last month I’ve been to the doctor twice for a bacterial infection I just can’t shake.
  • Oscar Pistorius is the South African sprinter you may recall from the Olympics that was able to race despite not having feet, that is, he ran with blades and claimed he didn’t have an advantage.  Recently he was able to compete in the Paralympics and lost, claiming the winner had an unfair advantage.  The more I think about it, it seems kinda weird being able to compete in both games.
  • It was a bit funny to see how many people fell for the Bruce Willis suing Apple story.
  • I wonder how the DNC feels about having to compete with the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday and the NFL season opener on Wednesday.
  • A bit of a funny skit – Obama calls Harold and Kumar
  • A Baptist church recently displayed the message “Vote for the American” on their signage.
  • Mitt Romney is now using U2’s old plane.  That plane has gone from one extreme of alcohol to the other.
  • Who would have thought that both Southlake Carroll and Euless Trinity would both lose their opening games.
  • I was quite surprised that Southlake, the defending state champs, got shut out in their opening game.
  • In some high volume stores, Chipotle is no longer accepting pennies and rounded sales either up or down.
  • Canada has cut corporate taxes by almost 30% in 6 years and there’s still little job growth.
  • Kate Middleton forgot her money while shopping for a wetsuit, and despite providing her name Mrs. Cambridge, she went unnoticed.
  • It’s sad how some folks try to spread the message of Jesus.
  • Man turns house into an Apple store
  • The History Channel, now known as History, also has a secondary channel called H2.  I suggest they just rename one of those channels as Pawn Stars and show nothing but that, since that’s basically all they show on History nowadays.
  • Jack Nicholson has been quiet as of late.
  • There’s a area in Tuscon that prefers not to have paved roads.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    H2 is the old History International. They show most of the old History programming like Modern Marvels, Dogfights and the like and less reality / infotainment. Of course that will change as soon as they come up with a new marketing plan or sell the channel.

    Speaking of cable programming, rumor has it that FOX is about to scrap SPEED (formerly Speedvision) for a stick and ball lineup featuring MLB. That will be the end of the only motorsports based network.

    Jack's been quiet because the Lakers got thrashed.

  2. Paul says:

    When I was a waiter, someone tried to give me a tract and a tip if I "promise[d] to read this." When I told them that I did in fact, know Jesus and had since 1982, they said "we knew something was different about you."

    Arghh. I was just glad they didn't give it to any of the people I worked with that I'd been trying to build relationships with.

  3. dan says:

    I saw the Pistorius "the Blade Runner" story yesterday and it raises some really interesting questions about continuing to improve the blade technology. In this case it is the length of the blades but what about the actual composition. Could they be made lighter with more "springiness" ? They may become like corked bats.

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