Just another day in Alaska

A scrufy fox, 3 eagles and my 3 cats all hanging out . . .

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  1. Stefanie says:

    We were at the San Juan islands last month on vacation. We were driving around Friday Harbor enjoying the scenery. As we were driving next to a dense patch, a golden eagle suddenly swooped down right in front of our car and then shot right back up (must have seen food!). It was fast and HUGE. Both my sister and I literally SCREAMED as I slammed on the brakes to not hit it. Scared the *crap* out of us! And, it took a bit to realize what had even happened.
    Luckily, I already had my camera out with the telephoto lens. As soon as we were calm, I saw it had gone to perch on a tree next to us. I got a fabulous photo of the eagle. And, it was definitely something I'll never forget.

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