Bag of Randomness

  • The guys on The Ticket had an interesting segment yesterday in which they were talking about the movie “Sneakers” and how at the time the movie was released, that technology looked amazing and how if we watch the film now, we kind of laugh at it.  It shall be interesting to see movies 20 years from now and seeing if we laugh at the technology.  And even if we don’t focus on movies, it will be interesting to see how outdated the iPhone will look 20 years from now, or how things like Facebook and BagOfNothing will be nothing but a cultural reference.
  • We were at Party City the other day and the employees were trying to help an upset customer.  One of the employees in trying to diffuse the situation said, “Don’t worry, ma’am, I’ll be happy to help you with this.”  And the upset customer’s reply was, “Then why don’t you look like you are happy to help me.”
  • I wonder if Mavs dancers are the least bit envious of the Cowboys cheerleaders.
  • I have a contact form in which you can select the reason for contacting me and someone decided to select “Complaint” yesterday.  The complaint was that I had a problem with American cars, yet yesterday I stated my latest purchase is an American car and my first two cars were also domestic.
  • It’s interesting looking at the list of 50 highest earning American athletes and not seeing one Dallas player on the list.
  • Adidas sure took some liberties into making sure their brand is noticed on some of the Aggies new uniforms.
  • I saw a news article that Romney will more than likely announce his V.P. pick this week.  I still think it will be Sen Portman from Ohio, but wouldn’t it be fun if he pick Palin.
  • I would be more concerned about Dez Bryant’s off field behavior if he actually produced on the field.  He’s only had one 100-yard game in two years.
  • Would The Fonz in real life carry an iPhone?
  • A bunch of kids dressed up as Iron Man at Comic Con and then Robert Downey Jr made an appearance.
  • The President and First Lady was at the USA Basketball and were put on the Kiss Cam . . . they got booed after no kiss.  But after they were put on the Kiss Cam a second time, they came through.
  • Stephen Covey died yesterday.  I remember going over the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in a leadership class in college and one student protested to the instructor that we shouldn’t be studying anything that comes from the mind of a Mormon, especially at a Christian college.
  • A friend at church recently lost his foursquare mayor status at church and was accusing the new mayor of gaming the system.
  • I caught a little bit of an Apollo 17 special on PBS last night.  While on the moon, the lunar rover got damaged, and an astronaut was actually able to unroll and tear duct tape in his space suit to repair the rover.  And yes, I do remember how it was used on Apollo 13.
  • While on the moon, Eugene Cernan, the last man on the moon, gave his daughter a most amazing present, he wrote her initials on the surface were it will stay basically for eternity.
  • The first photo ever uploaded to Instagram.
  • Nashville Man Shoots and Beheads His Adoptive Father, But That’s Not the Weird Part
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  1. Solmidog says:

    Since today's post had church and space in it, I was surprised I didn't see a reference to communion on the moon (who's anniversary is this week)

  2. Matt H. says:

    What would it matter if you actually did have a problem with American cars? American exceptionalism is just a made up term to justify nationalistic tendencies. Aside from the point that there is nothing exceptional about American made cars, lot of, if not most "American" cars are actually made overseas, while several "foreign" cars are actually made by Americans at plants right here in the United States.

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