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After Serving President Obama, Woman Does Shortly Thereafter

The owner of an Akron restaurant where President Barack Obama stopped for breakfast this morning died, apparently of a heart attack, shortly after meeting him. Josephine “Ann” Harris, 70, of Copley Township, was taken by ambulance to Akron General Medical … Continue reading

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Possible Miracle Heart Drug

Think of it as Liquid-Plumr for the circulatory system. Researchers have designed a clump of tiny particles that rides the current of the bloodstream, seeks out life-threatening blood clots, and obliterates them. The approach works in mice and could soon … Continue reading

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Wig from my own hair prank

Step 1: Cut off my long hair of three years Step 2: hot glue it into a wig (yes, slightly serial killerish, but wait..) Step 3: Wear that wig, my friends thinking it’s my hair Step 4: Pull it off … Continue reading

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Taco Bell helicopters 10,000 tacos to Bethel, Alaska after hoax

As far as customer service stunts go, this one was pretty epic: A helicopter sent to a remote Alaska town bearing a Taco Bell truck, itself bearing ingredients for 10,000 Doritos Locos tacos. The 6,200 townspeople of Bethel in the … Continue reading

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Best Things About Being Blind

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Bible Brawl in Church

WLOX.com – The News for South Mississippi

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Great Ice Cube Idea


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Louisiana Republican: When I Voted for State Funds to go to Religious Schools, I Didn’t Mean Muslim Ones

WATSON — Rep. Valarie Hodges, R-Watson, says she had no idea that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s overhaul of the state’s educational system might mean taxpayer support of Muslim schools. “I actually support funding for teaching the fundamentals of America’s Founding Fathers’ … Continue reading

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