Bag of Randomness

  • I think a better modern day version of “Dallas” would not focus on the Ewing family battling over Southfork and oil, but on a fictional family battling over the ownership and control of the Cowboys.
  • I’ve never been a fan of the fountains at the Kansas City ballpark.
  • As a kid I can recall looking forward to the one Ranger at the All Star Game and thinking they only let him play because they needed to have at least one player from each team, so it’s a bit weird to see so many Rangers as All Stars and our coaching staff be a part of this game.
  • Baseball has the best All Star game out of all the sports.
  • I like Redskins GM Bruce Allen’s idea of naming awards after players, and I like almost all of his selections, especially with the Sportsmanship Award being named for Roger Staubach, but I wasn’t too thrilled for his suggestion for the head coach of the NFC award.
  • When I ride my bike I never wear a helmet.  I understand it’s safe to do so, but I never did as a child and nothing happened after many crashes.  As an adult, I don’t ride recklessly like I did as a yoot and now I’m much more cautious.  Who knows, maybe I’ll cave in because I bought a helmet just in case I wanted to use it.
  • They make it look so easy – Three men steal meal from a pride of lions after a kill
  • A kayaker in Cape Cod said he had “my own little moment with God” while being trailed by a great white shark.
  • Chris Berman has never really gotten on my nerves like the rest of the public.
  • I’m looking forward to SisterGeeding moving back to Texas.
  • It looks like the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park is going to get an updated look with a $25 million reconstruction budget.  The outside makes it look quite different.
  • A new Freebirds is opening in my neighborhood tomorrow and I feel compelled to go there the first day.  And I’ll go ahead and save both Jonathan and Richard the trouble of saying they think Chipotle is better.
  • All of Stan Lee’s Marvel film cameos
  • Miss Dallas is the new Miss Texas
  • Absolutely horrible – A special needs kid in Arlington was pushed down the stairs in his wheelchair
  • Grace
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Andy B says:

    In 2004, Jenny and I were driving home and stopped at a red light behind another car. We got the green, and the car in front of us pulled ahead. BAM! A cyclist smashed into their driver's side door, shattering the glass, and cartwheeled over the top of the car once or twice before smacking the hot pavement. His leg was turned a direction it wasn't supposed to turn, and he had a long gash in his arm to which I applied pressure with a spare towel from the car. He wound up leaving on a CareFlite chopper.

    The good news? He was wearing a helmet and was still conscious. It probably saved his life.

    I try to ride carefully like you, but 1) even careful cyclists make mistakes, and 2) sometimes things happen that are outside your control. I nearly got hit last when when a car was about to turn in front of me. I was rolling downhill in the shadows, and the driver just didn't see me at first.
    Sorry for the soapboxing, but I'd hate to see you end up a vegetable or dead when a simple piece of plastic and foam could save you.

  2. Ben says:

    I've got to second the comment about bike helmets & safety. Your argument "nothing happened to me as a kid" doesn't really work – you were never (I assume) in an car wreck and thrown through the windshield of your car but you still (hopefully) wear a seatbelt. Our kids never ride bikes without helmets; even the 4-yr-old who almost certainly can't get up enough speed to fall off and seriously hurt himself. You never know what the other guy is going to do, and that's the real problem.

    On a lighter note, what's wrong with using Joe Gibbs as the name for the NFC Coach award? A good, Christian man who led his teams with honor and an extremely strong work ethic? He's certainly a champion (in both the NFL and NASCAR) and a good example. Of course, I may be a little biased as a 'Skins fan. 🙂

    • Geeding says:

      I like how Gibbs was able to win three Super Bowls with three different QB's but like you, I'm biased as a Cowboys fan and would rather have it named after Landry. Both Landry and Gibbs are strong Christian men of great character and great role models, but I like how Landry appeared in 10 NFC Championship games in the 13 year span, 5 Super Bowl appearances, and the 20/20 accomplishment – 20 consecutive winning seasons and 20 career playoff victories which is the most of any coach in NFL history (though I'm sure Belichick will surpass him)

  3. sister says:

    Please wear a helmet 🙁 As a person with a friend that split her pancreas in half, you should wear the heck out of that helmet. You might be biking carefully but you never know when someone is going to make an illegal u-turn, hop on the curb and basically ram you in the bike lane at 30-40 mph. Then you'd have to spend almost 4 months in the hospital on a liquid diet because you have organ damage and half your intestines were removed. Theeeeeeeeen you'd have to spend a good two years there after for surgeries because of complications and to remove temporary shunts that were put in to save your life… and that's only if you're lucky to survive it since the doctors said it was a miracle and help came really late since the illegal u-turn people freaked out and peeled off. Also, my first thought was if Micah's wearing a helmet (and you weren't), and you got into an accident and were knocked unconscious, who's going to take care of her? 🙁

  4. B_Caesar says:

    Chipotle is a national chain started in Colorado that for a time had McDonalds as a primary shareholder. McDonalds! Really.

    And while Freebirds may have originated in California, it is essentially a Texas-grown restaurant, having its second, third & fourth stores opened in Aggieland (but that shouldn't count against 'em) and eventually expanding into the rest of Texas and beyond. To me, Freebirds is clearly more "Texian" than Chipotle. And I like Freebirds burritos more than Chipotle, too, which is probably the more important thing in the overall scheme.

    Oh, and Keith – wear a helmet. There are too many idiots out there paying more attention to their phones than their driving (or biking or running for that matter).

  5. Crazy says:

    The helmet isnt for if you do something stupid or crazy, its for when the other people around you do something stupid and crazy. If you are just on the sidewalk I can see maybe not but if you cross any roads at all you should. You never know when someone isnt paying attention to anything that is not directly infront of them.

  6. RPM says:

    Avoid Dodge pickups and you should be fine.

  7. warren says:

    Kansas City has those fountains because it's the "City of Fountains". There are something like 250 of them there….first or second to Rome, depending who you ask. Here's a view of some of them

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