Bag of Randomness

  • This weekend I ate a steak finger basket from Dairy Queen for the first time in years.  As a kid, those things were great, but now, all I can think of is  how processed of an item it is and how it’s nothing but frozen processed foot thrown in a deep fryer.  The steak fingers did seem bigger and wider than I last remembered them.
  • I caught an airing of “Beverly Hills Cop” and then did some reading up on it. Originally, it was set to be a darker movie with Sylvester Stallone in the lead role.
  • Remember the days when you couldn’t receive a phone call while on the Internet?
  • I’ve always confused Ed Asner and Ernest Borgnine.  I remember Borgnine in the last episode of “ER” as a man taking care of his elderly and ill wife and trying to come to the decision of ending her car; and after she dies, he lies next to her in her hospital bed.  I believe he won an Emmy for that role.
  • “20/20” had a special about heaven in which Barbara Walters interviews leaders and such from various faiths.  It was interesting watching her ask a Christian pastor if the only way to heaven was through Jesus Christ in a way so that he would answer that others are going to hell.  He didn’t bite and gave a very polite answer with a positive spin, basically saying that Jesus died for all and it’s up to the individual to choose.  She pretty much asked the same type of question to an Islamic extremist that was in an Israeli prison for trying to be a suicide bomber.  Walters basically said she wasn’t a Muslim and asked if she was going to hell, he just answered that it’s up to God.
  • The special also interviewed a leader of a New York mosque and I was quite surprised to hear just how peaceful a religion Islam is, but how sadly it’s teachings has been evilly twisted by extremist and terrorists.
  • We’ve been automobile shopping as of late to find another family vehicle.  What’s been most frustrating is how knowledgeable the sales people are when it comes to the vehicles.  So far all have been mainly talking about safety features, but come up short in telling use how certain features work or simple things like how a rear seat can move forward so a person can get back to the third row.  Sadly, I usually have more knowledge than they do an all I’ve done is visit their own website as well as read a very articles.
  • Yeah, but I still got a gut – I made a late night trip to the grocery store wearing  workout shirt that had no sleeves.  A special needs person was my bagger and said, “Sir, you have very big muscular arms.”
  • My friend Andy recently blogged about the importance of recreation companionship, that is, how important it is for the male in the relationship.  Unfortunately with the kids as of late, I think my relationship with my wife has been suffering in this area.
  • Strong statement coming from the Pennsylvania Republican House Leader, “Voter ID – which is going to allow Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania – done.”  I actually think voters should be able to provide some sort of identification photo identification when voting, I don’t think it’s that much to ask that one identifies him or herself, but man, that quote sure does make it sound partisan and that there’s an underlying reason for the law.
  • My pastor mentioned this quote in his sermon yesterday, “To most Christians the Bible is like a software license, they just scroll to the bottom and click ‘I Agree’.”
  • My pastor is also teaching a Sunday school series this summer about how Christians are to confront controversy such as school prayer, politics, and that kind of stuff.  He started off the series by how we should approach this series with an open mind and have a conversation, not an argument about these things, and approach it with grace.  Yesterday’s topic was “Faith Base vs the Government” and in the middle of the lesson some guy just started to gripe about how Muslims are getting free pass due to Obamacare.  There were a few moans in the crowd, me included, and then he accused us of not reading the papers.
  • If an Oklahoma Sooner wants to wear a dress, let him wear his dress.
  • More people know how to argue than how to have a conversation.
  • Wearable sensor patch that can read and transmit blood chemistry data continuously to almost any device
  • A new study from the University of Texas Medical Branch found that 28 percent of Texas teens have sent nude pictures of themselves via email or text message.
  • Congressman Bill Young (R-FL) Tells Constituent to “Get a Job”
  • Man makes final mortgage payment with only pennies.
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  1. Gracie says:

    Texas Voting ID law heads to Federal Court today. Red Flag Alert: TX is also asking for part of the Voters Rights Act be struck down.

  2. David Bryant says:

    The mortgage/pennies link points to the Congressman Young youtube video.

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