Pastor Buys Starbucks, Pours It Down the Sewer

Why?  Because the company supports gay marriage.

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6 Responses to Pastor Buys Starbucks, Pours It Down the Sewer

  1. This is so embarrassing.

  2. George says:

    He should do this daily, and get all his followers to buy a Starbucks and pour it out every day. That will teach that heathen corporation!

  3. tommy says:

    Dufus! You bought the product. That is what they wanted..

  4. Jonathan Cliff says:

    Wait a second. Isn't it more offensive that that coffee was $2?

    That $2 could have paid for 1/5th of a $10 monthly donation to feed hungry children in another country.


  5. Paul says:

    I for one want to come out in support of something offensive to you. You know what it is. I suggest you show me how horrible my stand on this issue is by buying my books and burning them. I'm really, really offensive. You can get them at They all have "ing Church" in the title and are by Paul A. Clifford. The more you buy and burn the more it will stop me supporting that thing you're against. That will really show me. This is the only way to stop my agenda! Do it now or I'll keep supporting that thing, you know, the one you're against.

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