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Pastor Buys Starbucks, Pours It Down the Sewer

Why?  Because the company supports gay marriage.

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Man Protests Restaurant’s All-You-Can-Eat Policy

That story totally reminds me of this Simpsons episode written by Conan O’Brien in which Homer is suing a seafood restaurant about its all-you-can-eat policy.  I particularly liked it when Homer’s lawyer likens this case to one of his previous cases against … Continue reading

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How Common Is Your Birthday?

August and September seem to have a lot of common birthdays, which tells me something is going on in November and December. via thedailyviz.com

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Travel For Free if You’re Good Looking


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Timelapse: 1000 AD until 2003 showing Europe’s shifting borders

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Bag of Randomness

Random Superhero Generator– Here’s mine:Geeding possesses the power to take control of wolves. He has learned to absorb the damage from electricity and use it to increase his attractiveness and he fights wielding a terrifying bundle of talons. Geeding can … Continue reading

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