Bag of Randomness

  • No Valentine’s baby.  Whew. (Wiping sweat off brow)
  • I took my two girls out to the Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner yesterday, iced-tea was $2.99.  I have to start ordering water or bring my own tea bag.
  • A great series of photos taken of dogs underwater.
  • I notice that a lot of drive-thrus have a prerecorded message as a greeting asking if you want to try such and such.  I’m usually the polite kind and say something like “no thanks, but can I have . . .” and then I’m usually shocked when I hear the order confirmation being someone totally different.
  • Newsweek’s cover is about the politics of sex.  They posted their rejected covers, and wowzers, some are pretty suggestive.  View at your own discretion, but hey, it’s as Newsweek link, it can’t be that offensive.
  • I have the hardest time trying to pronounce the name “Jeremy” correctly.
  • I like Lada Gaga’s response after the Grammys.
  • If you have a problem overeating, try switching hands.
  • This tiny chameleon is actually pretty cute.
  • A rare natural phenomenon turns one of Austria’s most beautiful hiking trails into a 10 meter-deep lake, for half the year.
  • What an iPhone would look like back in 1986.
  • I plan on going to the post office today to mail a package to Afghanistan to a BoN reader.
  • I wish I would have taken more before and after pictures of improvements I’ve done around the house.
  • I’ve never been involved in a Secret Santa.
  • Yes, I made a Christmas reference, remember, this is a Bag of Randomness post.  I gotta keep it random.
  • I was a senior in high school back in 1994.  I plugged $100 into the inflation calculator to see what that is in today’s dollars, and it’s $152.  So when my dad bought me a $100 pair of Nikes that I absolutely needed to have, he was making quite a sacrifice.
  • I remember saving up (with lots of help from Dad) $100 back in 1986 to buy a Nintendo Entertainment System.  In today’s dollars, that’s $205.    I just checked Best Buy and you can buy an XBox 360 for $199.99.
  • Speaking of 1986, the top grossing movie was Top Gun, but would you believe that the second top grossing movie was Crocodile Dundee?  Source
  • The first web cam was used, for all thing, to watch a pot of coffee.
  • For some reason as of late, I keep reflecting back on stupid things I’ve done in the past that should have absolutely no effect on how I live life now.  It’s weird, but I’m really dwelling on them.  It runs from things I’ve regrettably said, to things I wish I said, to silly ways I’ve tried to win a girls heart, and everything in between.
  • I’ve read that most contestants chosen for reality shows are selected because they are Type A personalities.  The reason being is that Type A’s tend to not work well together because each like to be the leader.  In my studies in college, I was taught that a good functioning team will have a mixture of several personality types.  I’m thinking the only kind of person to run for political office are Type A personalities, and that’s probably why things that seem so easy are never accomplished in government.
  • Last night’s Nightline had a segment about pastors that aren’t afraid to preach about sex.  Ed Young was a prominent part of the segment, as was Mark Driscoll who said oral sex is biblically OK within marriage, but he wasn’t sure about “the back door” (not sin, probably not healthy) or self pleasure.  I hope I was tactful enough in those descriptions.
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  1. b_caesar says:

    On the drive thru thing – I just generally wait until the announcement is over, and stay silent until I hear someone speak again – usually something in a much less enthusiastic tone of voice. Except at Raisin' Cains on Campbell & Coit in Dallas – the person giving that fun, goofy greeting before you place an order is indeed an employee in the store.

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