“Cross” – A parody of the Bruno Mars’ song “Grenade”

“Cross” is a parody of the Bruno Mars’ song, “Grenade.” After watching his video and listening to the demeaning lyrics of the song, I was convicted to rewrite the words to glorify Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary. 

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3 Responses to “Cross” – A parody of the Bruno Mars’ song “Grenade”

  1. Dude says:

    Ugh. I may be in the minority here, but I really don't understand the need for some Christians to "take back" popular culture. Whether it's "Got Jesus?" t-shirts or vids like this. Perhaps I have been a Christian for too long and forget what it is like to feel I have to turn away from certain "secular" behaviors or heroes in order to learn a new way. I understand the need to provide a proper framework to our kids about the world we live in, but this overly simplistic, knee-jerk "Christianification" of popular culture is kind of infantile. I guess I prefer my parody when it is humorous.

    Frankly I was more offended by imagery in Vonabell's "parody" than the original video by Mars (which btw I was unaware of…but I am an old). When I watched the official Mars video, I noticed he wrote in the comments:

    "Today, I get to share with you the visual companion piece to my new single, 'Grenade.' The song is about loving someone so deeply, and the pain of knowing that the person you love does not feel the same. The actions in this video serve as a metaphor, and should not be taken literally. I am aware of the power of visual media, and I encourage everyone who watches this video to understand that it is an artistic interpretation of the song, and not something to imitate." — Bruno Mars

    Also, it's kind of conceited to assume that because Bruno Mars DOESN'T sing about Jesus in his songs, ergo he's not religious. Amy Grant caught "hell" for it in the 80's, Mutemath nowadays… sigh.

  2. Dude says:

    "ergo he's not religious" should be "ergo he's not a Christian".

  3. Stefanie says:

    I understand Dude's viewpoint. But, kids connect better with the secular world. For many of them, making changes helps them understand. It's their best way to feel comfortable with witnessing to others. With that said, I agree – many times the witnessing is done with way too much judgement being passed along, as well.

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