Why does God allow some people to become parents?

A horrific story you can read about here and here, but below are some highlights.

  • Boy locked in a dog cage (with seven locks) or chained to a bed frame.
  • Boy dies and was buried in concrete, but at least the father put a Bible on his chest.
  • The boy’s parents made his older sister feed her brother and take him out to use the bathroom on occasion.  She was also instructed to beat him, if she didn’t, she in turn would be beaten.
  • Beatings were videotaped, and the boy was forced to wear a diaper.
  • The sister’s account once she found her brother unresponsive:

    After she made the harrowing discovery, she scrambled to find the key to the Master Lock that kept her brother trapped. She pulled him out of the cage and put her ear to his chest desperately trying to find a heartbeat.

    “I couldn’t hear anything,” she said.

    Then, she asked for help from her stepsister, who in turn called adults for help.

    As they waited for adults to come home, Christina Choate frantically tried to revive her brother. She pumped his chest and used an electric air pump to try to get him air.

    “I kept thinking, ‘Oh my God, my brother is dead,'” she said.


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4 Responses to Why does God allow some people to become parents?

  1. Stefanie says:

    I can't tell you how much these stories make me sick. How can I know so many women that want to conceive a child and can't…but, these parents could and did that.

  2. Anna says:

    This is terrible parent act.

  3. People are SICK says:

    That sister of his was no better than his evil parents. Hope she is charged too!

    • Jason says:

      The sister undoubtedly suffered from parental abuse as well. Her parents obviously had such control over her she didn't seek help for herself. It almost sounds like the jaycee dugard situation; she was in her mid-late twenties when she was discovered, which most people would agree, is old enough to make the conscious decision to seek help.

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