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Made Me Laugh


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Playing Jesus wrecked my career

Actor Jim Caviezel has claimed his Hollywood career was wrecked by playing Jesus. He said he was ‘rejected in my own industry’ after taking on the lead role in Mel Gibson’s controversial movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’. Since playing … Continue reading

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I weep for the future generation

According to Yahoo!, The Top Searched Questions on Osama bin Laden are (based on Sunday, 5/1): Is Osama bin Laden dead? How did Osama bin Laden die? Who killed Osama bin Laden? How old is Osama bin Laden Who is … Continue reading

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Looks Painful

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Teacher completes bin Laden vow, shaves beard

EAST WENATCHEE, Wash. — A teacher who vowed nearly 10 years ago not to cut his beard until Osama bin Laden was captured or proven dead said he cried Sunday night upon hearing of the terrorist’s death. “I spent my … Continue reading

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Talking Dog

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Urban Legends: The Preacher’s Edition

Of the six that are listed, this was the only one I was familiar with, and thought was true. The high priest tied a rope around his ankle so that others could drag him out of the Holy of Holies … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I’m surprised at how many people are not familiar with burial at sea.  A lot of folks I’ve spoken to have a concern that a body would just float around.  Normally the body is put in a container like a … Continue reading

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