The Mormon Spring Break

Every Memorial Day weekend nearly a thousand Mormon singles from all over the country flock to North Carolina and congregate in rental houses on Duck Beach. There, they party (without alcohol), hook up (without sex) and strut their stuff for three days on the beach. It’s essentially Mormon Spring Break. We’ve learned, however, that many of the singles participate with genuine hopes of finding a spouse, or eternal companion.

The Film will follow four quite different but equally captivating singles who are going to Duck Beach this year. We’ll see the event through their eyes and learn about what it means to be single and Mormon at an age where, according to the culture, you should have been married long ago.

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One Response to The Mormon Spring Break

  1. Guest says:

    FYI – we saw these jerks at the Daredevil's baseball game and it was a total meat market. They seriously just need to hook up and leave the rest of the world alone. Thanks for the Otter pops!

    Btw – it's not Duck Beach. It's simply Duck.

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