Bag of Randomness

  • Well, that darn head cold has now turned into a real cold I think, complete with body aches, sore throat, and all the other fun stuff.  I could be resting in bed, but no, here I am for you, blogging my little heart out.  Actually, I can’t sleep so I thought I might as well be doing something ‘productive.’
  • Maybe I got sick wondering outside icy cold LaGuardia trying to find my sister who was at JFK.  Love ya, sis, and don’t think I’m going to let you live this down anytime soon.
  • I just heard Letterman say something about how Dick Cheney predicts that Obama is going to be a one-term president – this coming from the same man that predicted we would find weapons of mass destruction.  Funny.
  • Letterman also wondered if Leno had anything to do with Regis’ retirement announcement.  Once again, funny.
  • Sometimes I think people who sell things on eBay drive up their own bids with a different ID or a friend’s or spouse’s.
  • The Dallas Morning News redesigned their website yesterday and even though it looks cleaner, the design is still poor.  In some areas  (the Sports section in particular – screenshot) there’s an outline of stories with lead stories on top and the supporting stories underneath in a smaller font, but the layout has the font too small and in a place that looks like the page didn’t load correctly.  So far I haven’t been bombarded with adverts, and I’m sure that’s because they are trying to attract and keep new viewers, but that’s going to change in about a week I’m sure.  Here’s their official overview of the new design.
  • I was reading up on the Lone Ranger and discovered that the Green Hornet is actually related to him, by a nephew’s son I think.
  • Some headlines just get your attention – Why I can’t stop reading Mormon Housewife Blogs
  • Netflix spends 20 times more on postage than bandwidth
  • Impressive book art
  • Billion dollar yacht?
  • Forever lazy even thought of the bathroom issue (1:15)
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