Bag of Randomness

  • I actually went to the doctor yesterday.  Yup, I’m sick.  Sometimes I don’t mind being sick because it reminds me of just how good I really have things.
  • Christopher Nolan has made some great Batman movies, but I highly question his pick of leading ladies.  The latest is Anne Hathaway, and she just does nothing for me.
  • Groupon is the king of social/group coupon sites and Living Social has been the little engine that could, but Living Social had a stroke of genious yesterday as they offered $20 giftcards for $10.  The Internet was ablaze with that deal as it was posted on just about every blog I visited as well as some news sites.  So basically they just bought a lot of new customers for $10 each, and if you consider all the word of mouth advertising that’s even a bigger cost savings.
  • Who owns Facebook?  The answer is in this nice little chart – Bono owns a whopping 1.5%.
  • The Mavs broke their losing streak to the Lakers?
  • In the latest Rolling Stone, Lil Wayne talks about reading the Bible in jail, “I also read the Bible for the first time. It was deep! I liked the parts where some character was once this, but he ended up being that. Like he’d be dissing Jesus, and then he ends up being a saint. That was cool.”
  • A padded jail room made of cotton candy
  • Jesus Loves Me on the handsaw
  • The 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2010
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Bryan says:

    I trust Christopher Nolan when it comes to his villains. A lot of people thought Heath Ledger was a terrible choice for the Joker and look how that turned out.

  2. Mike says:

    Oops. I guess not. My bad.

  3. Rev. Hart says:

    I don't understand why Ronald Reagan has been deified. Sure, his free market economics made a lot of people rich, but it also made us all slaves to consumerism. Aren't we more miserable now, on our piles of stuff, than we were in generations before? In my view of American history, the Reagan administration was the dawn of many evils… certainly not in line with Jesus' kingdom of self sacrifice, generosity, mutual submission, etc.

    In other words (apropos to the tshirt above), What does Reagan have to do with Jesus?

    • jonathan says:

      Rev //

      Have you listened to the newest NPR This American Life on "Kid Politics"? It'll make your stomach turn as they talk about the great almighty Reagan!

  4. thefamilyhart says:

    Hi Jonathan. I had a chance to listen to the program this weekend via podcast. Wow! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Don says:

    Ok, that rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" is going to haunt my dreams forever. Please make it stop!

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