Preachers Too Timid When Preaching on Giving, Says Report

LONDON – Churches risk losing out on large amounts of donations because pastors and church leaders are too timid when it comes to preaching about financial needs and the importance of giving, according to a new report out this week.

The report, “Why Christians Give,” was compiled by McConkey Johnston International U.K. and based on the responses of 2,000 Evangelical Alliance members surveyed last fall.

It found that tithing was not being actively taught in local churches and that in two out of 10 congregations, there was a lack of teaching about stewardship.

“Although some church leaders are emphasizing proportional giving in reality we do not know whether they are saying to their congregations ‘give what you can afford’ or challenging their members to give sacrificially,” it states.

The report concludes that churchgoers are being given an “array of mixed messages” from the pulpit about the need to give and that even charities are guilty of handing the task of raising funds to inadequately resourced or inexperienced fundraisers or volunteers.

The report’s author, Redina Kolaneci, called on church leaders to see fundraising as part of their calling and improve the quality of their preaching on giving.

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