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Delta sends Cleveland kid to Boston and Boston kid to Cleveland

One thing is for certain, I wouldn’t want to be the customer service rep having to call the parents about this mistake. Here’s a mix-up that’s bound to send shivers down parents’ spines and maybe induce a touch of mischievous … Continue reading

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Interesting Tornado Damage Pic

A childrens bicycle is shown Sunday, June 6, 2010 impaled into the side of a home after a tornado hit in Millbury, Ohio. Authorities say tornados and thunderstorms that swept through the Midwest overnight killed a number of people in … Continue reading

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Paying it foward with umbrellas

If you happen to get caught in the rain around town this weekend without an umbrella, don’t be surprised if a perfect stranger hands you a bright yellow one to keep — just because it’s a nice thing to do. … Continue reading

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Feds knew of Gulf spill risks in 2000, document shows

WASHINGTON — A decade ago, U.S. government regulators warned that a major deepwater oil spill could start with a fire on a drilling rig, prove hard to stop and cause extensive damage to fish eggs and wetlands because there were … Continue reading

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To some Christian fundamentalists, the oil plume in the Gulf of Mexico heralds the apocalypse

A growing conversation among Christian fundamentalists asks the question that may have been inevitable: is the oil spill in the gulf a sign of the coming apocalypse?. Now blogs on the Christian fringe are abuzz with possibility that the oil spill … Continue reading

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BP grabs ‘oil spill’ keywords on search engines

BP is purchasing search keywords such as “oil spill” on Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo! in an effort to spin the ongoing clusterf**k in the Gulf of Mexico. As noticed by the International Business Times and others, if you search … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

My pastor asked me to be part of a church committee which had their first meeting last night.  I guess you can call it a committee, maybe it’s more of a team.  Either way, I’m not a member of the … Continue reading

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