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Leonard and Lula

The charming friendship between an 11-month old and an African Leopard Tortoise. An important reminder that friends can come in all different shapes and sizes. The African Leopard Tortoise as a pet is a great idea, considering it has a … Continue reading

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Put Yourself in a Soccer Video

[Thanks, Kevin!]

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How to distract an Aggie

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The Flipper Bridge


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Vote for Zach to get a new show on the Oprah Network

Oprah is going to start a new network and she’s looking for people to host shows on the network.  Zach Anner of Austin, who happens to have cerebral palsy, answered the call with this audition tape and great idea for … Continue reading

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The Color Wheel of Bacon

Neil Caldwell has come up with something that is pure genius. He has created the color wheel of bacon! No, this isn’t some graphic design trick (although Neil is a graphic designer). This is real, genuine colored bacon. More details … Continue reading

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Blind Dog Has Her Own Seeing-Eye Dog

These two dogs are more than just best friends, they share a rare bond. Ellie, a young cavalier King Charles spaniel in England, is almost completely blind. While her owner and a local animal organization are working to raise money … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

Yesterday Congressman Joseph Cao of Louisiana, who is of Vietnamese descent, said the following to BP America CEO Lamar McKay: In the Asian culture we do things differently. During the Samurai days, we would just give you a knife and … Continue reading

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