MN woman shares social security number with NY woman

MINNEAPOLIS — For more than 2 decades, Alyssa Green of Minneapolis has lived her own, independent life. But when she applied for a student loan for college a few years ago, she learned a troubling fact. Another Alyssa Green, with the same birth date, had the exact same social security number. This Alyssa Green lives in Albany, New York.

“Yes the same number,” Minneapolis Alyssa explained, rolling her eyes. When she tried to get money for college, she was told “I already had a financial aid loan but I never applied for one.”

Then, Minneapolis Alyssa had her wages garnished for a child that wasn’t her own. Turns out, she had been paying for New York Alyssa’s child. New York Alyssa cleared up the confusion in court after the two ladies of the same names talked over the phone.

“Basically she thought I took her number and I thought she took my number,” Minneapolis Alyssa said.

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