Bag of Randomness

  • I bet a lot of you think that I’ve cut down on posting because of the newborn, but truth be told, I’m just not finding much ‘quality’ material.
  • The rain sure has made the temperature tolerable, enough so that WifeGeeding, BabyGeeding, DogGeeding, and OtherDogGeeding all went for a walk.
  • A cat and a parakeet become buddies
  • Bono may be writing for Pixar
  • I’ve eaten so much so much pasta in the past three weeks I may not eat pasta again for a year.
  • Jeep has a new commercial using a Johnny Cash song that I think is real attention grabbing and well made.
  • It really annoys me when people bring in their umbrellas on a rainy day and open them up, set them in the middle of the floor, and let them dry inside the office place.  First of all, seeing an open umbrella indoors just looks weird.  Second, I hear opening an umbrella indoors is just bad luck, or maybe that was made up to keep people from drying their umbrellas indoors.  Third, they take up a lot of space.  Fourth, a perfectly dry area is now wet.  Fifth, it’s a friggin umbrella, they are made to be water resistant and don’t need to be immediately dried – they don’t absorb water, don’t treat them like they are made out of cotton or cashmere.  Sixth, normal people who love America, the troops, Jesus, and little children would never do such a thing, doing so is only craving in to the terrorists.  Seventh, all you need to do when you come in from out of the rain is to close it and give it a good shake, and then tighten it if it has one of those wrap around thingies.
  • Yes, that was a vent and a rant all wrapped up in one.
  • In case you missed it, a Dallas store was selling an American flag with 61 stars.
  • Here’s a fast paced version of the “McDonalds McDonalds, a Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut” song sent to me by loyal reader Warren.  But I remember a different version.  @dcmba was nice enough to provide a link in yesterday’s comments.
  • An SNL Celebrity Jeopardy transcript that will make you laugh.
  • Yesterday my cube mate and I kept quoting Coming to America.  My gosh was that a funny movie.  One of the top five comedies of the Eighties?
  • In the business world I often hear the phrase “pick your battles.”  I hate that phrase.  It makes me feel as if my thoughts or input doesn’t matter.  But I think it hate the phase mostly because I can’t really ague against it.
  • Sneaky Fox News
  • Whenever someone mentions a sequel to a movie with the number two in the name, for instance, Toy Story 2, I always silently add Electric Boogaloo to the title.
  • I ran out of pre-shave oil and have substituted baby oil and I’ll be darn it works just about the same.  If you haven’t tried any pre-shave oil, give it a shot, you’ll be surprised.  Pre-shave oil first, then the shaving cream.
  • I made WifeGeeding laugh when I asked her how many babies had to die in order to make baby oil, then pondered who would have thought babies would have oil you could squeeze out of them.
  • I’ve been hearing some Republicans attacking Thurgood Marshall lately since Elena Kagan use to clerk for him.  That may not be a good idea and could come back to haunt them.
  • I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot lately, and one thought that crossed my mind is how I have monthly bills that are now common ‘necessities’ that he didn’t pay when I was a kid.  For instance, the Internet and cell phone bills.  Oh, and the monthly subscription to bacon of the month club.
  • We had bookcovers in school in which the main local advertiser was a funeral home.  I always thought it was a bit odd that on the front of all my books was a picture of a funeral home.
  • Grace
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Don says:

    Speaking of funeral homes, I work at a cancer treatment center. As a medical office almost everything around is given to us for free by companies that put their logo prominently on everything to remind us to purchase their products. This pen is brought to you by Aranesp. This post-it pad is brought to you by Vectibix. This ruler is brought to you by Tarceva. Well, one day I walked into the break room and there's a new pile of styrofoam cups. Brought to you by Hart's Mortuary.

    "Welcome to the cancer treatment center. Would you like some coffee?"


  2. I wish Bono would start keep writing music for his own band instead of all those side projects! Ah well…

    I hope all your readers click on that "Sneaky Fox News" link. I still can't believe so many Americans watch that evil channel. Ew!

  3. dan says:

    Keith, you asked me to remind you to renew the website before August so consider this your first friendly reminder. The blog is a critical part of my day. Gotta have me a big bag of nothing every morning.

  4. towski says:

    I do the electric boogaloo thing too! Matter of fact, my old man soccer team split into two teams last season, and I referred to us all year as Dallas Celtic FC II: Electric Boogaloo.

  5. andybox says:

    "Pick your battles" is likely to become an important lesson once BabyGeeding realizes that she is an independent person with her own will. =)

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