Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding and I have now been married seven years.
  • How is it she’s gotten better looking through the years yet the inverse has happened to me?
  • Yesterday was my first Fathers Day and it just didn’t feel real.  Maybe it will feel more real in the years to come as I can have more interaction with BabyGeeding.  Because it didn’t feel real I kept telling WifeGeeding that this Fathers Day didn’t count but she wasn’t buying it.
  • BabyGeeding gave me a memory stick for my camera for a Fathers Day present so I can take more pictures of her.  My old memory stick isn’t recording all the pictures I have taken as of late, and per my research online, it’s because off brand label memory sticks aren’t that reliable.
  • WifeGeeding wanted to take me out to eat for Fathers Day and I chose Freebirds, mainly because I thought the atmosphere was laid back enough for a baby that might just start crying at any given moment.
  • While at Freebirds I couldn’t help but notice a heavy set woman with very tight and skimpy workout clothes on sporting an ichthys as a tramp stamp.
  • There just happened to be a farmers market open down the road, and that was the first time we walked around as a family with a stroller and all.
  • I feel very fortunate that several friends called or texted to wish me well on my first Fathers Day.  Unfortunately one of my friends just lost his father and was working on funeral arrangements when he called me to break away from things and catch his breath.
  • WifeGeeding also got me a Baskin Robbin’s ice-cream cake, along with donuts in the morning.  Yup, she’s trying to kill me.
  • I got a lot of yard work finished over the weekend.  I trimmed several trees as well as bushes.  One of my friends is about to loan me a trailer so I can haul off all the brush as well as spread some soil around the yard to help with the erosion
  • BabyGeeding has her first case of diaper rash.
  • I think I’m going to a two day workshop at the University of Texas in Austin come early August.  Anybody in Austin wanna host me?  I’m only halfway kidding.
  • I watched Frost/Nixon over the weekend and really enjoyed it.  Nixon has always been a fascinating figure to me.  He lost a presidential election, then lost a gubernatorial election, and was able to bounce back to win the presidency – twice.
  • Did you know he just turned 40 years of age by a week and a half before he took the vice-presidential oath or that Kennedy offered him a job in his administration?
  • My father told me he’d voted for the Democratic candidate in every presidential election except when he voted to re-elect Nixon.  He always told me he should have known better considering the outcome of that second term.
  • Nixon was really a skilled politician and would have been one of our greatest presidents . . . except, well, you know.
  • New studies show that fathers now struggle just as much — and
    sometimes even more — than mothers in trying to balance work and
    family life.  Article
  • (language warning) is an interesting website that tracks the number of death in a movie, so you can decide if the movie is worth watching or not.  For instance it tells us that the movie Sweet Home Alabama has only one death, a mosquito, so that definitely isn’t worth watching.  However, the 2010 version of Clash of the Titans has 69 humans, 2 scorpions, and 4 demon deaths, along with Medusa.
  • I just found out someone in my neighborhood has actually been on the cover of Time.
  • I thought it was a bit strange that the Utah attorney general tweeted about the state’s recent execution.
  • The Singapore aiport has a really cool slide.
  • Tastebuds is a dating website based on musical tastes.
  • Rescued Turtle – YouTube
  • And here it is again, how I messed up our wedding vows seven yeas ago.  I thought our pastor was going to pause, but he didn’t, and I jumped the gun.  But hey, at least I sounded confident after the goof.

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