Bag of Randomness

  • Yesterday I stood up from my cube and saw the Chairman of the Board/President/CEO chatting away with someone in cube within a few feet from me.  That was quite interesting.
  • Yesterday I was walking barefoot in the front yard and realized my yard was wet despite no rain or watering on my part.  Not all of the yard was wet, but a pretty decent part of it was.  At first I thought it might be a busted pipe with our sprinkler system, but I think those pipes don’t keep water pressure.  But for the heck of it, I decided to run the sprinkler system just to see if any of the sprinklers near that section appeared to lose pressure.  If the pressure was low, then it would probably be a busted underground pipe, but that wasn’t the case, the sprinklers worked fine.  So now I’m lost, any of you got any idea where the water is coming from?
  • WifeGeeding was lucky enough to get a picture with BabyGeeding, her father, and her grandmother yesterday.  I hope she understands just how lucky she is to have that picture.
  • He has on heck of a dirty job, but man, this guy has got some integrity.
  • Why Does England Get Its Own World Cup Team?  You can find the answer here, and because of the rules, Texas and California could actually field their own teams.
  • Obama in a bow tie
  • Yesterday I had a rant about how Congressman Joseph Cao of Louisiana, who is of Vietnamese descent, made a Japanese reference and in doing so was only complicating the matter that all Asians look alike.  Now I’ve learned that the North Korean World Cup fans are “volunteers” from China.
  • Awkward – John Travolta serenades the Australian World Cup team with an old Grease song.
  • Jon Stewart had a Wichita Falls reference last night that surprised me.
  • Bleed Into One is a film about Christian Rock that might be out this year and about five minutes of the film includes U2.  Link
  • A group of astronomers from NASA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and other organizations had a front row seat to observe the Hayabusa spacecraft’s fiery plunge into Earth’s atmosphere.  YouTube
  • Stephen Colbert had an author on his show recently that made the claim that Islam is beating Christianity in terms of market share, and Colbert had a witty comeback with: Jesus loves to run up the odds. You saw what he did that last time he was here. He let them think they had him on the ropes, then three days later — boom! Here’s an article about the interview as well as the video of Stephen Prothero on 8 Religions that Run the World.
  • World Cup 2010 Twitter Replayhigh-speed replay of the World Cup and find out how Twitter reacted to every game
  • SproutRobot sends you seeds when it’s best to plant them in your area.
  • Flashdance Goose
  • Funny Tetris Comic
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Nic says:

    I would make sure there is no water running in the house, and then watch the water meter to see if you are losing it from a main line.

  2. Mtoots says:

    We all realize how fortunate to have 4 generations in a picture together. And how much the great-grandmother of your little daughter enjoyed holding and admiring her newest family member. To live to be 93+ and to have 7 great grandchildren is quite a blessing!! She knows it!

  3. towski says:

    Did you see if your neighbor ran a sprinkler that might hit your yard?

  4. dan says:

    In a story I saw regarding the Japanese spacecraft it was reported the vehicle had "landed" on a comet and then returned to earth. I had no idea that the Japanese space agency was that advanced. Landing on an asteroid and returning was a goal that the president had outlined for NASA in the distant future.

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