Working in Fear

It’s a coworkers birthday, and I decided to take him out to lunch.

When I get back to me desk, this was waiting for me inside a blank envelope.

This all started because this one girl at work would never remove a glass vase at her desk.  It just sat there empty, month after month, and I thought it would be funny to just put some goldfish in there, which I did.

However, she didn’t show up to work that morning because she had to fly to Illinois since her mother was admitted to the hospital, so there went the surprise.  But other people noticed the fish and texted her about it and one thing turns into another and it turned into this big mystery – who left the  goldfish.  Heck, before I know it the whole department was in a contest to name the fish.  They were named Login and Password, respectively.

Well, before she came back (her mother turned out to be just fine btw) one of the goldfish died, that’s right, Password expired.  I didn’t think it was fair for her not to have seen the two goldfish and the team was complaining how lonely Login would be, so I bought another one.  Then there was another death, so I had to buy another one.

By this time, the mystery of the fish dropper-offer was growing and I just couldn’t simply reveal myself, it would just be too prosaic; so I put together a scavenger hunt all over the building on April Fools’ Day which resulted in the last clue being found at my desk.

Eventually all the goldfish died and has been replaced with a single Beta, who we, as a tech team, has name . . . Beta.

But now I work in fear because of that note.

Developing . . .

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  1. Mtoots says:

    Please keep the installments coming! I love a good suspense story!

  2. This is the best blog entry. ever.

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