Random LOST Thoughts

  • I was going to stop doing these posts but after a few requests I figured what the heck.
  • I think it’s obvious the writers don’t want anyone to judge a book by its cover.  We were lead to believe that the MIB was just an evil guy, now we learn that’s not necessarily the case.
  • And it’s obvious neither Jacob and the MIB are Cain and Able or Jacob and Esau, but there were a lot of Eden type of things in the episode.  Instead of an apple, there was Jacob tempted to play the forbidden game (senet).  Instead of the tree of knowledge, there’s the funky shiny river cave, a communion moment.  Yada, yada, yada.
  • Even though it was never shown, I bet the mother was also a Smokie – how else did she kill all those other people?  But I’ll even take it a step further.  Remember at the beginning of the episode when pregnant survivor Claudia wondered onto The Island and found water and saw the reflection of the OtherMother?  It seemed eerily similar to this Mr Eko scene with Smokie.
  • It sure would be great if Mr Eko somehow make a comeback, I liked that character.
  • Remember Dogen’s instructions to Sayid on how to kill UnLocke? Sayid had to plunge the knife into UnLocke’s chest before he said a word, but was unsuccessful.  Well, MIB was able to do this to his OtherMother who I believe was a Smokie and actually died.
  • UnLocke dumped Desmond, who we found out recently can defy crazy magnetic devices, in that well that we found out last night was magnetized.
  • I think before the deaths, both Jacob and MIB could leave The Island, the mother was just playing head games.
  • The OtherMother may have raised one kid to take her place and the other to take her life . . . all part of her plan of escape.
  • I think the temple is built over the funky shiny river cave, which is why the temple has that pool inside of it.  And because Sayid was in that water, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back, or even be the final candidate.  I hope not as that would make for a bad storyline.
  • I liked how this episode didn’t show any new material from any of the regular LOST characters, but at the end used a clip from the first season to reveal who the Adam and Eve skeletons was.
  • This episode had a Lord of the Flies feel to it.
  • There seems to be a repeat theme, that no one is brought to The Island by accident, leaders change, and the actions of all tend to repeat themselves.  This leads me to believe the series will end with just another cast of characters following the same pattern, ”They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt, and it always ends the same.”
  • LOST is auctioning items from their set if you are interested.  I think I would like Mr Eko’s Bible Stick.
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