Bag of Randomenss

  • Modern Family is growing on me, and that was one heck of a sweet ending, it was an Ed on NBC moment . . . oddly enough, Julie Bowen was also the love interest.
  • I don’t watch Cougar Town but I did catch the beginning of it last night which had me cracking up when Courtney Cox made reference to her appearance in that Bruce Springsteen video and even did a little dance.  I think it would be funny if I were to somehow edit that video where I’m Bruce and WifeGeeding and her pregnant self is Courtney Cox and I pull her up stage and we both do that little dance number.
  • Man, Max Weinberg has some crazy hair in that video.  Speaking of Weinberg, I’m going to see Conan O’Brien tonight at SMU, which means I may not have time to blog for Friday.
  • If you are a GMail and Google Chrome user, you can now simply drag and drop attachments.
  • I’m I the only one that thinks shooting golf balls and old tires to plug up that oil well in the gulf is kinda odd?
  • New burger record
  • Analogical Tetris – I highly advise just skipping to somewhere around the three minute mark because that intro is torture.
  • Three TV series will be filming in Dallas
  • Dennis Quaid is going to play Bill Clinton in an upcoming movie on HBO.  So far, he kinda looks the part, but I think Phil Hartman did one of the best Clintons ever.  Speaking of which . . .

Huh, the name Shakira was used . . . has a much more different meaning today, doesn’t it?

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