Shipping Confusion

The second website I visit every morning is to see what’s for sale (the first being a news website).  On the morning of April 27, I decided to pull the trigger on a purchase and on April 29 I received an email and tracking number stating that my item was shipped by FedEx.

I received the item on May 10.  That’s right, it took 11 days for the item to be delivered, but what’s crazier is that it was shipped from a place that is only 10 miles from my house.  Seriously, I wish there was an option for me to just drive by and pick up an item I ordered.

To add to my confusion, the sticker on the package didn’t have any reference to FedEx, but UPS, and it was left in my mailbox.  Usually, FedEx and UPS items are left on my doorstep.

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