How Do Christians Become Conservative?

An interesting post from author Mike Lux on the Huffington Post¹.  Even though you may not agree with his reasoning, you may benefit from an opposing view.

Here’s an excerpt:

The most fundamental difference between progressives and conservatives is that question of which side you are on.

Conservatives believe that the rich and powerful got that way because they deserve to be, that society owes its prosperity to the prosperous, and that government’s job when they have to make choices is to side with those businesspeople who are doing well, because all good things trickle down from them.

Progressives, on the other hand, believe it is the poor and those who are ill-treated who need the most help from their government, and that prosperity comes from all of us — the worker as well as the employer, the consumer as well as the seller, the struggling entrepreneur trying to make it as well as the wealthy who already have.

Usually, I might spend my time arguing which of those worldviews gives us better policy outcomes, or which is better politics, but in this post I want to focus on something else: which side the God of the Judeo-Christian Biblical tradition is on.

¹Normally I try to never link to the Huffington Post because I don't want
anyone to think I'm a bleeding heart liberal that only reads liberal websites,
but this topic seemed like something my readers would appreciate.  Now I'm
just waiting on BibleScholarGeorge to make a snarky comment.
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