And The Plot Thickens

I can’t get enough of this Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien story, and I guess a lot of that comes from how disappointed I was at NBC when Letterman didn’t get the Tonight Show job way back when and how poorly the NBC executives handled that situation.  Heck, I remained so bitter at that situation that I don’t think I watched a full Leno hosted show since.

Conan recently released a statement saying that he will not follow a half hour Leno show out of respect for Jimmy Fallon and the legacy of the Tonight Show.

I love the statement, it addresses almost everything you would want, is sincere, has a bit a humor, and is every bit of Conan.

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4 Responses to And The Plot Thickens

  1. Dude says:

    Ugh… this sickens me. I think Conan is awesome and I watch his show regularly. Just when Andy Ritcher is back, too.

    I think NBC is making a huge mistake and I am glad he's not going to be a patsy in this. Jay should just go away… he makes such a big deal about not spending any of his "Tonight Show money" and he's never really wanted that slot. He doesn't innovate or originate (a la Dave or Conan). Here's hoping Fox or ABC comes after Conan full bore.

  2. Kevin_M says:

    I'm on Team Conan. 🙂

  3. jonathan says:

    People of Earth:

    That cracks me up

  4. Rev. Hart says:

    I hope he comes back to New York!

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