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Random Decade Thoughts

Instead of providing a generic list of things of the decade, here are some personal observations that I jotted down in one sitting about the past decade: Monday Night Football not only went through plenty of new announcers, but it … Continue reading

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New Google Feature

I just noticed that Google is showing real-time tweets as a search result. Edit: And I also noticed that Google is providing real time articles in the search results.  Notice the scroll bar for the articles section.

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From service dog to SURFice dog

Surf dog Ricochet’s inspirational video highlighting her journey from service dog training, to turning disappointment into a joyful new direction, to surfing with quadriplegic surfer, Patrick Ivison, to fundraising for charitable causes. [Thanks, Heath!]

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Bag of Randomness

It’s snowing again. Tashard Choice needs to be the staring RB for the Cowboys. If the Cowboys win on Sunday they will be NFC East champs two out of three years, and offhand I think that would make it difficult … Continue reading

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Growing Up Heroes

A pretty emotive and reflective look on how heroes affected many of us when we were growing up.  (1960-1990)

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Never a Year Like ’09

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Bag of Randomness

One of my coworkers asked me yesterday if I know anything about money orders.  Heck, it’s been a while since I actually used one, but I told her I was at least familiar with them.  It turns out that she … Continue reading

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12 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade

Calling (replaced text messaging, BlackBerry Messaging, Instant Messaging, Tweeting, Google Wave-ing, and emailing) Classified in newspapers Dial-up Internet Encyclopedias CDs Landline phones Film (and film cameras) Yellow Pages and address books Catalogs Fax machines Wires Hand-written letters Link

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