Old Audio Tapes Being Put To Good Use

The sonic fabric neckties are a limited-edition project made in collaboration with my designer friend julio cesar. sonic fabric is woven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored thread the fabric is actually audible if you run a tape head over it!



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One Response to Old Audio Tapes Being Put To Good Use

  1. noevadeaux says:

    How funny you posted this – I was going through some old boxes just a bit ago and came upon a stash of cassette tapes…….I just couldn't toss them out wholesale………..I pulled an old cassette player and speakers out of a closet, hooked it up, and am now listening to "Shooting Rubber Bands at the Sky" by Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians. That tape hasn't been played in over 15 years, and it still works – at first it sounded kinda weird until I packed the tape. Next in cue – Fine Young Cannibals……….

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