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Casino Denies Man Jackpot

TAMPA (CBS) Florida gambler Bill Seebeck was sure he’d hit the jackpot — literally. He says the slot machine he was playing flashed a winning sum of more than $166 million. Seebeck told CBS affiliate WFTV “I was screaming, I … Continue reading

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Mixed-Race TV Contestant Ignites Debate In Chin

President Obama’s arrival in China on Sunday is being eagerly awaited by many people, especially one young woman in Shanghai. Lou Jing is of mixed race, with a Chinese mother and an African-American father. She became famous nationally after her … Continue reading

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Caesarean Shark Bite

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Fridge Locker

Why should you use a Fridge Locker??? Because your friends, family and coworkers can’t be trusted to keep their paws off of your stuff! Link

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‘Man-gagement’ Rings

More and more guys are wearing what some are calling a “man-gagement” ring, from mainstream designers like Scott Kay. “I think people are really just open to looking for new ways to commemorate their relationship, to celebrate their love and … Continue reading

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Babies in New Zealand Pack Some Punch

I didn’t even know there was a “number 3”.

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Bag of Randomness

Fifteen years ago if you told me the lead singer from Hootie and the Blowfish would win a music award for country music I would have told you that you are nuts. Norah Jones now has short hair, I don’t … Continue reading

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