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  • Wowzers, yesterday was one crazy news day if you really think about it.
  • The biggest news event of course was the tragedy at Fort Hood.  Man, what a shame, and there’s so many peculiar things about it.  The killer was a mental health professional with the very respectable rank of major and was of Jordanian descent.  But another thing that really stands out for me is that he graduated from Virginia Tech – where another mass killing happened not too long ago.
  • Every news source I was checking on for news regarding that tragedy was giving MSNBC the credit for all the latest news.  They must have some good connections in that area.
  • It also seemed that Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson were both making themselves quite visible yesterday after the tragedy.  It’s gonna be an interesting and ugly governor’s race.
  • There was also some important news out of Washington yesterday regarding health care reform that I’m sure people on both sides of the issue wanted noted.
  • The House bill put together by the Democrats got the approval of the AARP and the American Medical Association – two major endorsements if you consider that the AARP represents the elderly that seemed to be the most concerned about health care and the AMA that represents professionals in the health care industry.
  • There was also a very, very vocal mass of Republicans at the capital that were making their presence well known and how angry they were regarding the latest health care bill.
  • I hear many Republicans and tea-baggers often state that they “want their country back.”  To be honest, that baffles me a little bit.  When I hear that phrase, it makes me think that something was taken away from them, as if something was stolen.  And I think they feel like there has been massive changes since the last election such as higher taxes and rights that have been taken away – and that simply isn’t true.  I can understand their frustration at bailouts and such, but that whole “I want my country back” stuff is a bit over dramatic.
  • And yes, I know the bailouts started with the previous administration.
  • During the Bush administration when I disagreed strongly about many issues such as the Iraq War and the handling of aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and many other things, I never felt that I “lost my country.”  That phrase never entered my mind because I had faith in democracy.  But that’s just me.
  • I think Republicans/Conservatives are more vocal than Democrats/Liberals, but I think many of you will disagree with me on that one.
  • And the last bit of interesting news item, if you want to call it news, is Miss Christian Values, the one that posed topless and had breast implants that were paid for by pageant officials, has a sex tape.  TMZ But I still don’t think she should have been vilified for her answer during the pageant.  The nut in that scenario was Perez Hilton and his over-reaction.
  • CBS 11 is going to do the whole restaurant cleanliness inspection investigation for sweeps.  Seriously, hasn’t this been done a million times over?
  • Yes, I know Megan Fox likes bacon, but I refuse to post the picture because it’s too racy for this blog.
  • As I was driving into work yesterday I just happened to be behind a bunch of vans from KISS FM that were bringing kids for Kidd Kraddick’s Kidd’s Kids trip to Disney World.
  • I always find it interesting how English speaking musicians perform in non-English speaking countries because you never see non-English speaking musicians perform here in the U.S.  If music isn’t in English, we really wouldn’t give it the time of day.
  • NBC does something that’s real annoying to me.  After the last commercial break they will say there is more to come of a show, when it’s only just about another minute of the show as the credits role.  At first I kept thinking another episode of the show was about to air.
  • Fictional town appears on GoogleMaps.
  • Wear orange and get a free Whataburger
  • One heck of a door handle
  • My manager thought I was still in my twenties.  I’m not sure what to think of that.
  • Watch a 3D movie as you shower?
  • A collection of loafers
  • The break of a curveball
  • A cellphone for grandma
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. MamaToots says:

    This "grandma" doesn't need that phone, but I know a "grandpa" who would benefit from it if he just wouldn't lose it! 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    You are right, we do disagree on the vocality of conservatives versus liberals. How many anti-war protests did we see during the Bush administration that are "seemingly" quiet now. My view is the group that is the loudest really depends on who is in control

    • Geeding says:

      Hey Steve –

      I don't think the anti-war protests compare to all the health care reform protests and town hall meetings. During the previous administration, I kept wondering where all the outrage was during the war and why there weren't any major protests in Washington. I admit there was a lot of anti-war sentiment, and I admit there were vocal celebrities and G8 or G12 marches, but I really don't recall any major anti-war rallies or marches.

      So fare there have been two significant marches on Washington regarding health care reform. I really don't recall any major anti-war rallies or gov't spending rallies in regards to what the previous administration did.

      • Steve says:

        Geeding here are a few dates(some with attendance numbers)

        From Wiki Pedia(

        Oct 26, 2002 – First of numerous protests against the Iraq War in Washington, attended by over 100,000 people.
        Jan 18, 2003 – Anti-war demonstration on the National Mall; between 100,000 and 200,000 in attendance.
        Sept 24, 2005 – Anti-War in Iraq protest
        Jan 27, 2007 anti-war protest sponsored by United for Peace and Justice
        Mar 17, 2007 anti-war protest. March against the Iraq War sponsored by ANSWER Coalition
        March 19, 2008 – March 19, 2008 anti-war protest

        Needless to say there were more that a few during the Bush years. Regardless of the intent, what's great about any demonstration, is they are part of the populus coming to Washington to express a view. I may not agree with the idea behind a demonstration, but it's a perk that we, as Americans, enjoy. This is supposed to be representitive government after all. Something that both sides of the aisle seem to ignore from time to time.

        • Geeding says:

          Thanks for providing the links, Steve. I'm not sure how those protests didn't get my attention, especially with my feelings against the war. Maybe the news didn't cover those protests as much as what's going on now, maybe it just didn't get my attention, maybe I'm just biased and don't know it, maybe it's a little bit of everything.

          I think we will both agree that presidents are vilified. I do recall seeing a bunch of Hitler comparisons for our last two presidents, which I think is distasteful and distracts from the main message.

          I can't think of anything right now to back up my claims that I think conservatives are more vocal than liberals when it comes to dissentment; however, that is my perception of things. I know Bush was attacked harshly, and some things were certainly unjustified such as his military service. I can understand disagreements regarding policy, but it's the stuff about Obama's birth certificate that makes me roll my eyes, not to mention all the email forwards I get saying that Obama wanted to negotiate with those Somali pirates and the outright false information about what was in the proposed health care bills.

          I guess one thing that really sticks out in my mind was when Obama was yelled at and call a liar during an address to congress, and I personally question how some of the rallies were organized.

          I really do like what you said above, "Regardless of the intent, what's great about any demonstration, is they are part of the populus coming to Washington to express a view. I may not agree with the idea behind a demonstration, but it's a perk that we, as Americans, enjoy." The sound of democracy is opinions crashing after all.

  3. AndreaJN says:

    If someone thought you are in your twenties and you are older, take it as a compliment. As a matter of fact, any time there is more than one way to take something, take it as a compliment! BTW how is WifeGeeding's eye socket doing?

  4. dan says:

    One of the reasons the war protests have not been more numerous or vocal is because the brunt of the war has been borne by an all-volunteer army. If there was a draft and all able bodied Americans were being required to serve in the armed forces there would be much more agitation. As it is, less than 1% of Americans are making the sacrifice. I believe that is one of the reasons the protests against health care reform are so vigorous, because it ultimately affects virtually every American.

    A second reason the protests against the war have been muted is because the hawks treat anti-war protests as an act of disloyalty towards the armed forces. In actuality, the hawks’ support of the war means that the all-volunteer army will be subject to potentially endless tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan

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