Bag of Randomness

  • The readers of really like Southwest Airlines.
  • I finally connected my Ooma device and imported my old phone number to it from Vonage.  I really liked the Vonage product, and it was relatively cheap at about $25 a month, but with Ooma I don’t have to pay anything unless I want certain advanced features or make international calls.  What I didn’t know was that Vonage was going to charge me a disconnect fee of about $40, but I’ll make that back in two months.
  • But now since I have a Google Voice account, there really isn’t a need for Ooma.  I would have to deal with the “inconvenience” of not having my old number, but otherwise I don’t need the Ooma device.  See, I bought the Ooma device, opened it to read the instructions, but let it sit around long enough I could not longer return it and then I got a Google Voice invite out of the blue.  It was bad timing and lack of initiative on my part.
  • Everytime I hear about capping medical malpractice I often think of this man.  Granted that story is a bit old, but that’s just one story I can’t forget and would think that man would value his manhood for more than $250,000 – which I think is the cap in Texas.
  • I like the tax advantage of using the flexible spending account, but I don’t like the use it or lose it provision.  Medical expenses can be hard to budget an entire year for, and a lot of times things are just unexpected.  For instance, lets say I set up my FSA at the end of a year but then my wife becomes unexpectedly pregnant early the next year, like February.  That’s a lot of out of pocket medical expenses that I never had the chance to budget for.  Or lets say we planned on getting pregnant, budgeted the FSA for it, and the pregnancy never happened – that’s a lot of money that I would just lose.  I think I would prefer it more so if a certain amount of any remaining funds can be rolled over from year to year.  But I guess none of this matters as I just found out that the FSA is no longer an option for my benefit plan.
  • The Dodge Viper symbol turned upside down looks like Daffy Duck.
  • What not to say to the car dealer
  • Hillary from The Fresh Prince hasn’t worked in Hollywood since 2002.  Her best work was in Major Payne.
  • I don’t really follow baseball, but I do have an appreciation for it and its part in our past and culture.  I guess you can call me fair weather, but I do like to root for the Rangers, Yankees, Reds, and Padres.
  • It sure is interesting how the Yankees are able to win a championship when they opened  the last two stadiums.  It would be nice if the Cowboys could do the same like they did when they opened Texas Stadium.
  • Twenty-seven world championships – that is just amazing for an organization.
  • I never thought I would see the day when former Texas Rangers Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira would be part of a championship team.
  • I liked watching the Yankees play in the old stadium better – it just felt more intimate and nostalgic, especially when Sinatra starts to sing.
  • Game 6 of the 1987 World Series between the Twins and the Cardinals was the last World Series game played in daylight.
  • I think Arizona was the last team to wrap win the October Classic in November.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. George says:

    HSA sounds like what you're looking for. As I write this I feel like I missed the enrollment deadline, whoops!

  2. jonathan says:

    I still can't believe your from Texas and root for the Yankees. You need to have your Texas citizenship investigated…

  3. Sharon says:

    I agree with you about the FSA. therefore I try not to overestimate. I do love it. We have not received our open enrollments forms for 2010 as of yet. Reading your comment about it no longer being an opiton with your benefit plan, has me a little nervous. I am going to inquire about it immediately when I arrive to work this afternoon.


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