Bag of Randomness

  • The readers of really like Southwest Airlines.
  • I finally connected my Ooma device and imported my old phone number to it from Vonage.  I really liked the Vonage product, and it was relatively cheap at about $25 a month, but with Ooma I don’t have to pay anything unless I want certain advanced features or make international calls.  What I didn’t know was that Vonage was going to charge me a disconnect fee of about $40, but I’ll make that back in two months.
  • But now since I have a Google Voice account, there really isn’t a need for Ooma.  I would have to deal with the “inconvenience” of not having my old number, but otherwise I don’t need the Ooma device.  See, I bought the Ooma device, opened it to read the instructions, but let it sit around long enough I could not longer return it and then I got a Google Voice invite out of the blue.  It was bad timing and lack of initiative on my part.
  • Everytime I hear about capping medical malpractice I often think of this man.  Granted that story is a bit old, but that’s just one story I can’t forget and would think that man would value his manhood for more than $250,000 – which I think is the cap in Texas.
  • I like the tax advantage of using the flexible spending account, but I don’t like the use it or lose it provision.  Medical expenses can be hard to budget an entire year for, and a lot of times things are just unexpected.  For instance, lets say I set up my FSA at the end of a year but then my wife becomes unexpectedly pregnant early the next year, like February.  That’s a lot of out of pocket medical expenses that I never had the chance to budget for.  Or lets say we planned on getting pregnant, budgeted the FSA for it, and the pregnancy never happened – that’s a lot of money that I would just lose.  I think I would prefer it more so if a certain amount of any remaining funds can be rolled over from year to year.  But I guess none of this matters as I just found out that the FSA is no longer an option for my benefit plan.
  • The Dodge Viper symbol turned upside down looks like Daffy Duck.
  • What not to say to the car dealer
  • Hillary from The Fresh Prince hasn’t worked in Hollywood since 2002.  Her best work was in Major Payne.
  • I don’t really follow baseball, but I do have an appreciation for it and its part in our past and culture.  I guess you can call me fair weather, but I do like to root for the Rangers, Yankees, Reds, and Padres.
  • It sure is interesting how the Yankees are able to win a championship when they opened  the last two stadiums.  It would be nice if the Cowboys could do the same like they did when they opened Texas Stadium.
  • Twenty-seven world championships – that is just amazing for an organization.
  • I never thought I would see the day when former Texas Rangers Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira would be part of a championship team.
  • I liked watching the Yankees play in the old stadium better – it just felt more intimate and nostalgic, especially when Sinatra starts to sing.
  • Game 6 of the 1987 World Series between the Twins and the Cardinals was the last World Series game played in daylight.
  • I think Arizona was the last team to wrap win the October Classic in November.
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