What Your Favorite Social Network Says About You

Read the full article here, but below are some highlights:


They are more likely to be married (40%), white (80%) and retired (6%) than users of the other social networks. They have the second-highest average income, at $61,000, and an average of 121 connections.


They’re more likely to be employed part-time (16% vs. 11% average), have an average income of $58,000, and average 28 followers and 32 other Twitterers they’re following. They’re not particularly attached to the site, though — 43% said they could live without Twitter.


The content MySpace users put up is most often about specific hobbies, or pictures of family and friends. Their average income is the lowest, at $44,000, and they have an average of 131 connections. They’re more likely to be black (9%) or Hispanic (7%) than users of the other social sites. They are also more likely to be single (60%) and students (23%).

LinkedIn Users

It’s probably no surprise these guys are all about business. We say guys because LinkedIn has the only user group with more males than females (57% to 43%). They have the highest average income, at $89,000, and are more likely to have joined the site for business or work, citing keeping in touch with business networks, job searching, business development and recruiting as top reasons.

I sometimes use Twitter, no so much for updating, but just checking out what some friends and celebrities are up to, and to see what kind of promotions my favorite businesses touting.

I refuse to become a part of MySpace or FaceBook, because I don’t want anyone to easily find me.  With that said, I’m tempted to be a part of LinkedIn for a professional standpoint, but just concerned someone from my past just wants to get in touch with me.

In case you are wondering, it’s not that I’m necessarily trying to hide from people in my past, but I get tired and annoyed of all the small talk when you get in touch with someone you haven’t seen in a while.  I prefer having relationships of substance, and if we haven’t kept in touch in all these years, then we really weren’t that close of friends to begin with.  And besides, I commit my Internet time to this blog and don’t have time for the other stuff.

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