Bag of Randomness


  • I find it a bit puzzling when I hear someone who is a fan of the not all the time sports talk radio station 1310 The Ticket complains that Peter King’s MMQB column in Sports Illustrated isn’t always about football.
  • I hear the radio team of the Dallas Cowboys will also be the TV team for the pre-season.  That sounds cool.
  • I learned how to write in cursive in the second grade, and recall thinking the cursive “z” – in particular the capitalized one, just didn’t seem to fit.  I was reminded about that experience reading this Time article.
  • I wonder if there is anyone that strictly writes in cursive.  I think most folks combine it with the printed letter or some other kind of self-invented penmanship.
  • Staple City is pretty impressive.
  • Grandma’s Desktop
  • Start A Lie
  • Madonna’s arms continue to freak me out
  • Sleepwalkers Video Project
  • Movie Monster Comparison Chart
  • WifeGeeding wanted me to find the lyrics to the Big Bang Theory theme song.  But I prefer seeing the lyrics with the music.
  • It must be an interesting feeling living off people’s donations and tithes.  I bet my spending habbits would change drastically.
  • For the first time, I ate something at Whataburger other than a taquito or a cheesburger.  The grilled chicken sandwich was pretty good.
  • I’ve been in the doldrums for the last couple of days.  I’m trying to find a way out of the funk.
  • Someone asked me if I would give an update on my thoughts on the Pre after having it for a while.
  • It’s not an iPhone killer, it’s just different.  But I really prefer having a real keyboard.
  • Batterlife should be much better.
  • I wish the camera had a zoom, but I think the quality of the pictures are nice.
  • Official applications – there aren’t many, and by now I would have expected more.  However, there are a lot of unofficial ones out there when you do a simply Google search.
  • Apple updated iTunes so that the Pre could no longer synch with it, then Palm came out with an update that allows synch.  It’s an interesting cat and mouse game.
  • The cut and paste feature is nice, but a little cumberson.
  • I wish it could turn into a light saber.  A blue one.
  • The quick search feature is awesome.
  • Maybe it does this and I just don’t know how, but I wish email would update instantly.  If I delete an email, then go online to check it, it’s still there.  The tester in me makes me check these things.
  • I like how it feels, weighs, and fits in my pocket like smooth river stone.
  • If the keyboard is slided out and you are on a call, and you slide it shut, that should end the call, but it doesn’t.  That should at least be a feature.
  • Overall I love the phone, especially from my old Treo.  If I were to pick between it and the iPhone, I would probably pick the iPhone only because of the number of applications, but like I said, I like having a real keyboard.  Not to mention, there’s no way I’m every willingly going to give ATT any of my money ever again.
  • When I tie my shoes, I still use the bunny ears.
  • Grace
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Sharon says:

    I only write in cursive, even when writing notes to myself. I can't print for some odd reason.
    I have never used the bunny ears to tie my shoes.
    I love reading this blog first thing in the morning.
    Is this considered a blog?

  2. WGII says:

    Every time you bash AT&T I cringe a little on the inside. I can truly appreciate your honesty but my livelyhood is tied to that company and my hubby has worked there the last 28 years. Peace!

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