Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding continues to recover well – thanks to all for your prayers and comments.  We have two post-op follow up appointments this week.  Maybe when all this is over, we’ll make Kool-Aid wine.
  • I hear a new Tron movie is coming out.  I didn’t really care much for the first one, but there was a Tron video game on the Intellivison that I really enjoyed.
  • I actually finished a book.  It was nothing special, just the book about a local sports radio station.
  • I’ll go ahead and say it for Nathan S, even though I disagree with him “For a real sports station, listen to ESPN Radio.”
  • One question remains unanswered after reading the book, how exactly did the term P1 come into being.
  • Does it really take a lawsuit to figure this out?
  • Cowboys training camp starts this week, and I’m not at all excited.  As a matter of fact, I canceled my NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV.  I just don’t want to get my hopes up again only for them to slide in December, and that December schedule looks tough.
  • I did catch some of the soccer game that was played at the new stadium.  For a sporting venue, it looks really cool.  Great sight lines, crowd appears close, should be great for football.
  • And for the second year in a row, I’m not playing fantasy football.  But I do like the commercial Joe Flacco filmed to have you pick him to be on your team.
  • Today’s version of a nerd wearing a pocket protector?
  • Speaking of nerdy, remember when Star Wars Episode I came out and the whole world thought that young Jake Lloyd, the kid that played Anakin, would have the world by a string a be in a ton of movies?  Well, I found this interview of him ten years after the movie, and it appears that he didn’t get rich from the film and got teased about it a lot in school.   And just by looking at his list of work on IMDB, he really hasn’t done much after the movie other than some video game work.
  • Speaking of more nerdy stuff, I actually watched live coverage of ComicCon.  I would love to attend one of those one day.
  • Speaking of Star Wars, how about supporting Storm Troopers.
  • I think it’s well known that I like to keep politically informed, and it’s pretty obvious which political party I lean towards, but I’ve never been the type to advertise such a thing on my car.  Or any other subject matter on my car for that matter.
  • The FBI doesn’t process 600 billion fingerprints a day, but they do process a whole heck of a bunch.
  • Most of Sunday was spent watching a marathon on the Discovery channel called Cronkite Remembers, and it was absolutely fascinating.  Basically, it was eight to ten one hour episodes of Cronkite talking in front of a fireplace recapping his career with all sorts of news footage.  Even though I never have spoken to either of my grandfathers, it felt like I was in a room talking to a grandfather recapping the best and worst in life.  There were a lot of events I have heard about, but never really knew about, so this was very informative.  Also, there were a lot of parts I had a lot of knowledge about, but it was great to see what happened behind the scenes.
  • If you are interested, you can buy the whole series on Amazon for under $30.
  • In one part, Cronkite interviews LBJ after his presidency, and Johnson stated that as a gift to 168 heads of state, he sent them the Apollo 8 Eathrise picture.  The recipients of the gift were elated, and he even got a thank you letter from an enemy, Ho Chi Minh.
  • WifeGeeding leaves me the nicest notes
  • Grace
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  1. P1 is a radio business term, relating to what stations a person has on their radio presets. A "p1" of a station has that station as their number one preset, or they listen to that station more than a majority of the time. A "P2" is someone who has that station on their second button, and so on.

    I remember Mark Followill saying it a couple of times when he was doing his Tickers, and someone called in to ask what it meant. The Hardline answered the question, and since that time, they have always called their listeners P1s.

  2. MamaToots says:

    I feel WG is over the worst of this ordeal……………she's on the upward swing. Her attitude has been 99.9% of her recovery!! Looking forward to hearing a report from doctors tomorrow and Wednesday.

  3. Nathan S. says:


  4. WifeGeeding says:

    I do write some notes for my hubby from time to time, but can't take credit on that one!

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