Bag of Randomness

  • Happy birthday to my favorite wife.
  • And a happy birthday to my favorite friend named Brent that is in the hospice ministry.
  • Last night I went to Sonic, placed my order, and then realized I forgot my wallet.  I had to let them know my goof, and they told me they would hold the order but just needed my name.  I replied, “I’m an idiot.”  The lady laughed and said it will be ready when I would get back.
  • The 80’s had the Cola Wars, and I guess the oughts have the Computer Wars.  Apple has had some hard hitting and effective ads toughting how they are superior to a PC, namely the “I”m a Mac.  And I’m a PC” commercials.  Microsoft has fired back with some “I’m a PC” commercials, but the ones as of late where a customer is given $1000 to find a new computer and ends up buying a PC over a Mac has struck a nerve with the Mac folks.
  • I enjoy following Meghan McCain, and totally agree with her on her point.
  • At the 3:30 mark, Glenn Beck totally goes bonkers.
  • I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting next week.  For one, I will be licking my wounds from the affliction of all my Bible-beating-pastoral-friends regarding yesterdays post on pastoral salaries.
  • That comment is suppose to be jovial.
  • Also, WifeGeeding goes into surgery this Monday and I plan on being home to take care of her.  There’s a possibility that I will have time to post, but I want to make sure all my attention is focused on her.
  • I had some questions from some of you regarding her surgery.  This surgery will do nothing to help improve her vision in her only eye, but this surgery will be one her open eye cavity where her glass-eye resides.  The orbital implant will be replaced with coral.  The old orbital implant has shifted, and is considered a bit small for her now that she is an adult.  Recovery is going to be tough, because any eye movement will cause pain.  She will then have her current glass-eye modified to fit back over the new coral made orbital implant.  After six month, vessels and such will grow into the coral, a peg will be drilled into it, and a new glass-eye will be fitted that will work like a ball-and-socket joint.  All of this with create a more natural movement for the prosthesis.
  • If you are interested, this procedure is called enucleation.  You can click on the following link to learn more about it and see a video, but I just want to warn you that if medical procedures kind of freak you out, then don’t click this link.
  • I may tweet through the surgery on Monday.
  • Grace
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