Bag of Randomness


  • I’m on Vicodin right now, so there’s no telling how this post might end up.  More on that in a little bit.
  • I went to the dentist yesterday.  The office is located in Mockingbird Station right across from Trinity Hall and the Angelica Theater.  It was trendy and upscale, and above all, covered by insurance.  For instance, there was a flowing water wall and the place look like it was decorated with a touch of Ikea and Target.
  • It’s an environmentally friendly dentist office.  For instance, there’s no paper work.  When I entered, I was asked to sit at a PC and enter in all my information.  And when it came time to sign something, I signed by using my finger on the touch-screen monitor.  More offices should do something like this, if anything, it kept me from having to write my name and contact information on four different forms.
  • The waiting room had a total of two magazines and two books, but there was a Mac bar.
  • I was given the choice of listening to an iPod or watching a DVD from several shows like 30 Rock and Friends.  To my surprise, there was a 42 inch plasma television positioned were I could easily see it.
  • And the view from my chair when I wasn’t laying back was nice, but there was a walkway right outside that made it feel a bit weird.
  • Oh, and it was an all female staff.  Men, the eye-candy was the best seen in any dentist office on the face of the earth.
  • Because I signed up for an appointment when they were at my company’s health fair, I got a free teeth whitening session using their Zoom Whitening system.  The before and after results are above, click on the pic for a high-res version.
  • All in all, it was one of the best dental experiences I ever had, except for the teeth whitening.  More on the whitening . . .
  • They prepped me where only my teeth would be exposed, which made me feel a bit like Hannibal Lecter.  Then they put some gel on my teeth, put some shades on me, and shot me with a light.
  • I was suppose to go through four 15 minute sessions, but I have very sensitive teeth, and during the second and third session my teeth became so sensitive it became unbearable.
  • The pain feel likes someone is sticking a needle right into the root of the tooth.
  • The crazy part is, the pain comes and goes, and it starts up without warning, which is the reason why I’m on Vicodin.  Ibuprofen wasn’t strong enough.  And it may last as long as two days.
  • I tried to return to work, but just could not focus with the pain.
  • Now that I think about it, it’s a bit weird for me to post my teeth online.  After all, I was once told early on in a dating relationship that my teeth were “jacked-upped” and have since been a bit embarrassed my them.
  • That woman didn’t mean any intentional harm by that comment, and I forgave her once I married her.
  • I didn’t know what to expect when I tuned in to the Michael Jackson funeral.  I was afraid it was going to be some sort of crazy tawdry pop concert, but all in all, I thought it was done just right except with some of the shout-outs from the crowd.  I would say it was pop-culture reverent.
  • I wonder if there will ever be a larger funeral for a non-politician.
  • Jennifer Hudson’s contribution was very, very good.
  • John Mayer is growing on me.
  • Nice touch by all the brothers wearing the one glove.
  • Wikipedia already has an entry for the funeral.  It mentions that he was buried with him wearing one of those gloves and cites an ABCNews article.  Not to sound too morbid, but considering how he dressed in public, I wonder what he was buried in.  Maybe it was the costume he wore in the Thriller video.
  • A part of me wonders even if he was in the casket.
  • The funeral reminded me of the time I spoke at my best friend’s funeral, and how nervous and scared I was.
  • Details of the memorial service before it started were kept pretty tight.  That’s hard to do in this day and age.
  • I saw that Michael Jackson’s youngest child held a doll of her father.  It must be interesting having a doll of your parent.
  • Some people feel like the Jackson family pushed one of the children to speak, I don’t think that’s the case.  I have a feeling it was an impromptu event when they were all on stage, and she said she wanted to say something.
  • I wasn’t aware that the first President Bush back in 1990 presented Jackson with an Artist of the Decade award.  YouTube
  • A part of Pastor Lucious Smith’s benediction prayer caught my attention, the part where he said something to the effect of  “The King of Pop must bend his knee to the King of Kings.”
  • Grace

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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Danny says:

    This is where I get confused on the "Enviromentally Friendly" issue. We are saving trees by not using paper, but in order to substitute that are we not burning more fuel to power the electronics? Of course they could have had solar power, which the panels were shipped in foam packing. It just confuses me.

  2. dan says:

    When I view your post whitening smile I can almost hear the words,"I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti"

  3. towski says:

    I live at Mockingbird Station, and you are not kidding about the eye candy at Pure. I pass them on my way to and from the train each day. Yowza.

  4. Melissa says:

    i use bleaching trays from the dentist and my teeth hurt after that; i can't imagine the treatment you had.

    i too was pleasantly surprised by the memorial…and i don't think MJ's daughter was pushed to speak; i think she wanted to speak.

    the youngest child that had the MJ doll is a son not a daughter.

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