Two Pastors Relfect Upon Their Columbine Experience

Ten years later, these two men of God—radically different in personality and theological approach—are still struggling to deal with the damage done to them by two boys bent on murder and mayhem.

One  of the pastors is a liberal Lutheran, who actually presided over the  private memorial service for Dylan Klebold – one of the murderers.

The other pastor is from a non-denominational church, and officiated the Cassie Bernall funeral, the high school junior who was reported to affirm her belief in God before she was murdered.

Newsweek Article

Yesterday I read another Columbine related article that addressed a lot of the rumors of the shooting.  For instance, the killers weren’t part of the Trench Coat Mafia, and the student who was asked to affirm her belief in God was Valeen Schnurr, who actually survived, and not Cassie Bernall.

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  1. Nathan S. says:

    Both Pastors probably can't stand how the other handled the crisis, yet God used each to minister exactly according to His plan.

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