Two Examples of Why I Love CBS Sunday Morning

The history of why we look at the first 100 days of a presidency, and why that might not be a good thing to judge them by. (Side Note: I guess it’s almost similar to grading an NFL team the day after a draft. You just don’t now how well the draft really is until years later after the player drafted actually played.)

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This heart warming story is about the world’s oldest man in America, who actually remembered where he was when he heard that President McKinley was shot – he was getting his first haircut. And I was quite impressed that at age 112, he doesn’t take any medication.

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Also, Steve Hartman’s stories are chicken soup for the soul.

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  1. David says:

    The only think I remember knowing where I was when it happened was when I first heard the plane had hit the World Trade Center. This didn't surprise me when I was in my teens, but I am old enough now to have lived through several major events.

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