Random Lost Thoughts for the Three of You That Really Care

  • So far it looks like I was right about Ben going to kill Penelope, but did he succeed?
  • How did Desmond survive that gunshot?  I bet the bullet hit frozen chicken breast.  It’s just a silly guess to help push the story along.  He did remind me of Terry Tate on that tackle.
  • Ben has a thing for young moms, doesn’t he?  I’m thinking Penny is still alive.
  • That temple is going to play a bigger role in the future, I just have a feeling.  Perhaps we’ll see Jin and the others use it to try to get back to the future.
  • I also have a feeling we will end up seeing those left in the 70’s as aged characters . . . most likely Jin with long grayish hair.
  • I did mention a while back this season that I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack’s grandfather was really him in the future.
  • It was interesting how Smokey will take on a human form just to get a point across.
  • Locke is indeed special to The Island.
  • We are seeing a lot more Egyptian influences.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Indiana Jones made an appearance in the middle of an episode trying to escape a big rolling stone ball.
  • I wasn’t a fan of Caesar and had a hard time connecting him with the show, so I was glad to see him killed off . . . that is, if he truly is killed off.  Perhaps the island will heal him.
  • I’ve been thinking about island leadership as of late.  Jacob seems to be calling the shots for the most part, and I wonder if Smokey is an extension of him.
  • It was interesting watching the episode online via ABC.com.  The frame surrounding the movie box was of the island, but it would change from light  to very dark every once in a while.  Not the scenes, just the frame that included the island background.  Maybe this is done to keep one’s attention, and to help from zoning out.
  • Hmmmmm, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”
  • At first I thought that large metal crate was what carried Locke’s casket, but now I’m not so sure.  More surprisingly, Ben didn’t seem to inquire about it so he must know something.
  • Bad hair pieces all around.
  • Remember that one episode this season when Sawyer and Co. were bouncing around time and were in one of those boats getting shot at?  It’s looking more and more like it was Llana and Co. doing the shooting – but I wonder who Juliet ends up killing?
  • So Risk was being played in this episode, well, at least it was set up in Ben’s old house. Remember when it was being played by Sawyer and Hurley last season?
  • Widmore ordering Ben to kill Rousseau as very similar to when Ben ordered Locke to kill his father in a previous season.
  • I bet Clay Aiken is Ben’s bastard child.
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2 Responses to Random Lost Thoughts for the Three of You That Really Care

  1. kim says:

    I don't know about Penny – why would Ben say sorry to Desmond unless he hurt her or their son? I think Jack's grandpa is Christian. He seems a little mischievous for Jack.

    Indiana Jones – now that would be good television!

    And I just have to say I thought the Charles Widmore little Ben met was way to good looking, especially compared to "you-must-kill-the-baby" Widmore! Yeah, I'm weird.

  2. Jen says:

    Several months ago I decided to start watching Lost from the beginning (first, well, only, time through). I've been a BoN fan for years and have always had to skip over the "Random Lost Thoughts" posts. Now I'm back to them – and just watched this very episode last night.
    Thank goodness for archives.

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