Random Lost Thoughts

  • Did anyone else notice that the show just started without a “Previously on Lost” segment?  That totally threw me off.
  • Young Miles found a key underneath a rabbit statue . . . an Alice in Wonderland reference?
  • Well, I was right about Dr Chang being the father of Miles.  Point, Geeding.  But then again, that really wasn’t a hard guess.  But I think we will find out that Dr Chang is a loving father and getting his wife and son off the island is some kind of precautionary measure.
  • Dr Chang was reading a polar bear book to baby Miles.
  • The look Miles gave his dad after he said he liked country music was priceless.
  • The Swan was being built in “hostile territory” which is in direct violation of “the truce.”  I just don’t see The Others not seeing that thing built, even if it’s “hidden.”
  • Why $1.6 million?  I see the connection to 16, but I need more.
  • Not only do Dharma students make learning fun, but they like to learn about Egyptian history.  But after reading a new theory, I think all this Egyptian stuff is really a red herring, and what we should be focusing on is Norse mythology.  How’s that for a curveball?
  • I used to work in the legal heirs department at one place and use to run across a lot of death certificates, and it was always worth a look to look at the cause of death when it was listed.  I never ran across one in which someone died because of a metal tooth filling flying out of a person’s skull, but that would have neat.  The only problem I had with that is that exit wounds tend to be quite large.  I know that from my days blogging for the CIA.
  • Where have you seen Bram before, you know that guy that was in the van talking to Miles?  He was one of the passengers of Ajira Airways Flight 316.
  • “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”  I dunno – shade?  Probably the bomb.
  • Every time I hear “circle of trust” I think you can milk anything with nipples.
  • Lots of Star Wars references, for instance, even the title of the episode was a tip of the cap to Star Wars – Some Like it Hoth.  But lets not forget about the movie Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon.
  • When Jack started to talk to Ben’s father about Kate it reminded me of a Jedi mind trick.
  • Sawyer is very Lando Calrissian.
  • Miles and Hurley are much like R2D2 and C3Po
  • And ‘the hatch’ or The Swan being built is reminding me of the Death Star.
  • Love . . . . .love will keep us together . . .
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2 Responses to Random Lost Thoughts

  1. Kevin_M says:

    And don't forget my favorite Star Wars analogy. Miles told people his father was dead, much like Luke believed his father was dead. Although this is a little different. In each case though the father may not be as sinister as they appear to be…

  2. PeteJ says:

    'K – it's nice to see somebody thinking about this. Geeks unite.

    I'm a little disappointed, though that Rose and Bernard are going to end up being the Adam and Eve Skeletons. I was hoping that they could have fleshed that out a bit more and had that been Desmond and Penny, for example.

    I'm with you too – I think Jughead lies in the shadow of the statue and it's going to be a culminating event of the series (figuring out the bomb). I also am wondering how the Survivors get out of Dharma land before the purge.


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