Dolphin Decoder

Acoustics engineer John Stuart Reid, of St John’s-in-the-Vale, near Keswick, believes his Cymascope represents a “significant breakthrough” in the study of dolphin communication.

Mr Reid said: “Until now the complexity of a dolphin’s speech has been virtually impossible to translate. The Cymascope can pinpoint the structure of sound and simplify this into a basic pattern of speech.”

Mr Reid has been working on the invention for over a year and believes that an understanding of the dolphin language can be built up within the next two years.

He has been working in conjunction with Florida-based dolphin researcher Jack Kassewitz in an attempt to convert the sounds of dolphins into pictures.

“We will begin by translating the basic verbs and nouns” he explained.“We can then aim to translate the sounds into conversation.

“No other device has given us a visual impression of sound.

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