Bag of Randomness

  • I had a dream that I won a trip to Australia, the only problem was, I didn’t want to go, but WifeGeeding really, really wanted to go.
  • The StuffChristiansLike blog has an insightful piece about “Why bad things happen to good people.”  I know the topic has been addressed many a time, but this one, for me, had a bit of a different twist.   I think these two paragraphs were my favorite:The question is not “Do we have to fake smile through pain?” I don’t think so. I’ve had friends that have buried their children and seen moms fall to cancer 5 weeks after being diagnosed. There are many, many things in this world that suck and will continue to do so. I would never tell friends who experienced tragedies to turn a frown upside down or whitewash the year my whole life fell apart with instant rainbows and fluffy clouds.The question is not “If God is supposed to work all things out for the good, why is this situation so painful?” It’s His definition of good, not mine, that I must live with. Thankfully, mercifully, beautifully, He doesn’t promise to work things out according to my understanding of “good.” His good will always exceed mine because He can define “good” across the solar system and I can only define it with what I see with my own eyes.
  • I once heard that the Associated Press always gets the privilege of asking the first question at a White House press conference, but I don’t know why.
  • 100 Days of ‘Fair and Balanced’ Fox News Coverage
  • Hot Plane
  • Oprah appears to be bored with Twitter    Link
  • How do you teach God’s genocide to children?
  • This has been a long week.
  • I’ve been stuck in the doldrums this week.
  • I found a taker for my U2 tickets.  They are going to a friend that I know is a genuine U2 fan, and someone who has helped me get back up on my feet regarding my faith.
  • Funny thing, but the whole agreeing on a price to sell them was like a Bugs Bunny negotiating mind trick (this link should take you to the 4:33 in a YouTube video), you know, when Bugs gets the other party to change his or her mind.  I start off by telling him that the face value of the two tickets with convenience charges and taxes cost me about $127; and that prices for a similar pair of tickets on StubHub ranged from $248 to $2000 (the tickets get you pretty close to the band).  But since he’s a buddy and a genuine U2 fan, I would sell both of them to him for $210.  His counter-offer, which cracked me up, was $265, $55 more than I asked.  I countered his counter-offer by telling him I would not take anything more than $250 from him.  He replied back with, “Deal!”
  • Instead of using TinyURL, how about DickensURL – which converts long URL’s into something Charles Dickens inspired.
  • A tad long (2 minutes, but well worth it), but a nice message about family.
  • Grace
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  1. dan says:

    Not only isn't it Fair and Balanced, it's not even news anymore. Maybe these incessant attacks on a president who is only 100 days into handling the greatest financial crisis since 1930 {as well as fighting two wars and now a flu epidemic] is why the Republican Party is imploding. Latest surveys say only 20% of Americans identify themselves as Republicans.

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