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  • screenshotbonv001failpigTwitterers who keep up with the news should get the above image.
  • No one wanted to save grandma from the dog.
  • Pillows for the graphic designer in your life.
  • U.S. Airways found another way to charge their customers . . . $5 per bag to check luggage at the airport rather than online.  Link
  • Crimes committed by Ferris Bueller during his Day off
  • Governor Good Hair was in town to moderate a discussion between three conservative radio talk show hosts critiquing Obama’s first 100 days in office.  I found the most interesting part of the article came in the last paragraph, where a 50-year-old man thinks Obama should steer the country back toward a biblical, Christian foundation.  I just wonder if that man felt that the last president was able to steer the country back toward a biblical, Christian foundation.
  • I hear a lot of debate on whether or not the U.S. was founded on Chrisitan principles, and that debate will often focus on the faith of our founding fathers, where some were Christian in nature and others were diests.  All of which are often misquoted.
  • I’m not a lawyer or constitutional historian, but I know the First Amendment starts off by saying, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion . . .”  With that said, sometimes I don’t understand the whole Christian nation argument.
  • But let us all remember the beautiful words of Saint Francis of Assisi, “Preach the Gosphel at all times and when necessary use words.”
  • I don’t think Miss Arizona answered the question.
  • Sneaky Fox News – Remember, they report, you decide.  That darn liberal media.
  • I have no problem with Fox not airing the presidential press conference.  It’s not like a viewer can’t find it on another channel, and since they don’t have an evening news like CBS, ABC, and NBC I never really considered them a ‘major’ network.
  • I suspect one day that none of the major networks will air a presidential address unless it’s something critical, and we will all remember the day when Fox was the trendsetter.
  • The local Fox news station has been driving me batty.  I think they are trying to be more personal and relate to the viewer, but they often throw in their on thoughts on a particular segment.
  • I was annoyed by another segment where they had a reporter out with a Plano police officer handing out speeding tickets on a residential street.  The reporter kept approaching the speeders and asking them why they were speeding, as if he never sped himself.
  • A graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary teaches a non-denominational Bible study every Tuesday at my place of employment during the lunch hour.  I attended for the first time yesterday and found they are going over the book of John.  There were lots of talk about John, Jesus, Moses, and Elijah.  For some reason I thought Elijah appeared as Moses was looking over the promise land, but silly me, that never happened.  I must have confused that moment with the transfiguration.  I have no one else to blame but myself for that mistake; after all, it was me that scheduled that 8:00 AM Old Testament class back in college.
  • One lady did ask why did John the Baptist eat locusts.
  • I wish it was BibleScholarGeorge teaching that class.
  • I found another website that helps breaks down the differences in denominations.  I can tell a lot of work went into the website with their research, and they provide links to the denomination’s website where they can, but I’m not real certain how valid all the information may be.
  • Sometimes I wish the explanations on views regarding denominational differences were put in layman’s terms.
  • I’m finding that understanding, better yet, researching denominational differences is much more complex than I thought.  As I said, I don’t think I’ll ever find a denomination that I agree with everything wholeheartedly.  But then again, I fear anyone that does.
  • I spent a considerable amount of time on the United Methodist Church website, in particular, the areas regarding their beliefs.  They did a good job regarding the content, but I found the navigation a but cumbersome.  But then again, I get paid to critique this kind of stuff.
  • Their top questions section was quite interesting, but a lot of times they linked to other related websites, such as Upper Room Ministries and their Ask Julian section.  I found this question about the Bible very helpful, in particular the second paragraph, which is probably where I break away from my Baptist roots the most.
  • Jesus on Life
  • Grace
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. trich says:

    "I found this question about the Bible very helpful, in particular the second paragraph, which is probably where I break away from my Baptist roots the most."

    Actually, there are a lot of more "liberal or moderate" baptists who would agree with you wholeheartedly in this regard. I think you might be more Baptist than you think, just maybe not the conservative Baptist kind. Particularly Baptists from schools like Truett Seminary at Baylor and Logsden Seminary at HSU.

    • Geeding says:

      For the most part I agree with you.

      I do align more with liberal/moderate Baptists (but I certainly do have my differences), and you are right that I differ from the conservative/fundamental Baptists. I just think the church body of most Baptist churches have a majority of conservative or fundamentalists. If they don't have the majority, then I think the conservative or fundamentalists are the most vocal.

      I know Truett has become more moderate since breaking away from the SBC, but I really don't have any knowledge of HSU.

  2. DavidBryant says:

    Hey, let's start our own denomination. I will put you in charge of the theology aspects of it. I will pick out the robes and select a compound for us to move to…

  3. kim says:

    "Sometimes I wish the explanations on views regarding denominational differences were put in layman’s terms. " I suppose the problem with this is that every group defines what most of us feel are simple terms (grace, faith, salvation) differently. For instance, conservative Lutherans believe that Baptists practice "work-righteousness" which most conservative Baptists would vigorously deny. (Lutherans believe that "asking God to come into your heart" would be a "work".)

  4. caroyn says:

    Ferris Bueller has been my favorite juvenile delinquent for 20 years and counting. Probably because I never (or hardly ever) knowingly broke a rule.

  5. epic says:

    The majority of my theoological knowledge was learned at the knees of my grandparents. They were also well versed in Greek Mythology. This led to some confusion on my part-I clearly recall arguing in Sunday school that God did too chain some guy to a mountain and have eagles eat out his liver every day.

    As a college student I realized that another portion of my theological knowledge was based on Milton's Paradise Lost.

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