Bag of Randomness


  • Sometimes it’s the littlest things in life that makes me happy – such as taking DogGeeding on a car ride and seeing his ears turn into a set of wings.
  • I saw a commercial yesterday for the Dallas U2 concert.  It’s a bit funny that the venue is always referred to as “New Cowboys Stadium.”  I bet a lot of tickets will have that name printed, but I wonder if or when an official name will be announced – sponsor or no sponsor.
  • New political bumper sticker – “I’ll keep my guns and ammo, you can keep the change.”  Hey, that even made me laugh.
  • Old but new politcal bumper stickers – I saw a vehicle with a new shiny W 2004 bumper sticker.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, but I could tell it was just placed on the car.  I made up a story about how that sticker got placed on there.  Basically, someone from The Island time traveled to 2009 but thinks it’s 2003.
  • I’ve taken some bumper sticker pics in the past but have forgotten to post them.  So here’s one that tells you to back off,
  • I think Governor Good Hair got caught up in the moment during his tea party appearance the other day when he hinted toward succeeding.
  • When I get together once a year with my old childhood and college friends for our scholarship meeting, I always feel like they are going to corner me and start an intervention.
  • I like the idea of high speed trains, but I have a feeling the airline industry isn’t fond of the idea.
  • I’m going to miss John Madden, and I’m thankful for the times he helped bring a father and son together.
  • I hope the Cowboys don’t open their new stadium like the Yankees did theirs.
  • I just learned that the Benny Hill music is actually called Yakety Sax.
  • It’s time for me to roadtrip to Abilene.
  • Grace
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Michael says:

    I think you meant "secede" re: Perry's comments?

    I know, I know – I'm being nitpicky… 😉

  2. dan says:

    The best seats in the house at the new Yankee Stadium are $2600 per seat. For a family of four thats,…well you do the math.

    Governor Hair Spray knows he can't secede, that was settled back 1865, and as a former cotton farmer he knows the value of federal subsidies for cotton farmers. He was just trying to stir up the nasty portion of his constituency for the upcoming governor's race

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