Bag of Randomness

  • I’m surprised that Radio Shack is still around.
  • I find the Arby’s commerical where the guy accidentally says “I love you” annoying.
  • Same goes for Pizza Hut’s “a large for $5.99.”  But I guess this one is effective as I know the price.
  • Lynda the Singing SWA Flight Attendant –  YouTube
  • Speaking of SWA, they followed the Golden Rule and may have a customer for life.  Link
  • Here’s a nice little time-waster, but let me warn you that your browser window will go crazy.
  • The Octomom has to make money somehow, now she’s going to trademark the name.
  • I hear a lot about someone named Lady Gaga, but I know nothing about her.
  • I found a new route home, and it’s awesome.
  • It’s been a really long work week, and I’m only working four days this week.
  • I think I need to buy some Dublin Dr Pepper and take it to Abilene, but I’m not sure.
  • There’s a greater than zero chance that I will actually worship in a Baptist church this Sunday.
  • I’m participating in an auction for back stage passes to the U2 concert.
  • I don’t really enjoy any of our local news stations.
  • My friend BibleScholarGeorge just moved into a former Dallas Cowboys player’s house.  He was pretty sure it was this Cowboy when he looked through past property owners, but it was confirmed by a certain item that was left behind in the house.  I would provide more details, but not comfortable doing so as I haven’t talked to BibleScholarGeorge about this.
  • The first item to put together SisterGeeding’s Christmas present arrived in the mail yesterday.
  • Need another time-waste?  Play with a spider.
  • I think the quality of posts this week have been very sub-par.
  • As I’m going through my beginners class and reading new material from  my new church, the one thing I’m learning is that they don’t want you to do anything out of guilt.
  • Grace
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  1. Sharon says:

    I also have been hearing alot about Lady Gaga and have no ideal who she is. There are so many "15 minute" famouse people these days.

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