Bag of Randomness

  • Justin Timberlake recently flew Southwest Airlines on his on accord.
  • Can you spot the cell phone tower?
  • Tickets for the U2 for their Dallas leg goes on sale at 10:00 AM.  I guess you’ll know what I’ll be doing at that time.
  • Today is my friend Jimi’s birthday.  He has been a friend since kindergarten, and we both roomed together in college and when we both moved to DFW.  He’ll tell you it’s an easy day to remember because it’s the day Lincoln got shot and the day that the  Titanic struck that iceberg.
  • He still proudly displays his original Transformers collection.
  • And yup, you guessed it, he’s still single.
  • That pirate saga still amazes me.  I want to know what occurred after the sniping and what happened to that surviving pirate after the other three were shot.  Did he just surrender, scuffle with the hostage?  It’s just an amazing story.
  • And I wonder what happened to the bodies of the dead pirates?  Does the Navy just dump them in the sea, return them to land, provide some kind of burial at sea?  Just curious.
  • The local news reporter on our NBC affiliate made a goof yesterday and said “Somali pilots” instead of “Somali pirates.”  That made me giggle.
  • Sometimes I bite my nails so much that they end up being too short which results in a day or two of pain.
  • Some of the materials for SisterGeeding’s Christmas present should arrive in the mail this week.  Now it will just be allocating enough time to “piece everything together.”
  • I’m sleepy.  I think in the past three days I’ve only gotten six hours of sleep.
  • Grace
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  1. DavidBryant says:

    The surviving pirate was already aboard the Navy ship. He was wounded by the original ships crew and came aboard for medical treatment and for negotiating the ransom. The inital word was that he was not too eager to go back to the lifeboat even before the snipers…apparently he wanted to surrender. He is 16.

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